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On the hunt for a tasty organic yogurt your whole family will eat? O Organics Yogurt is a wholesome, nutritious and great-tasting meal or snack that parents and kids both love. USDA certified organic, O Organics Yogurt is free of synthetic pesticides, added hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. Enjoy it in fruit, granola, or in a smoothie─and feel good about serving your family a food with no artificial anything. O Organics believes organic food should be available to everyone and sold everywhere at a great value. They offer 400 high-quality, great-tasting products for every age and every eating occasion─the way nature intended.

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No added hormonesNo antibioticsNo artificial ingredientsNo synthetic pesticidesNon-GMOOrganic

Where to Purchase

O Organics Organic Cookie Varieties are found exclusively at the Albertsons Companies family of stores, including Albertsons, Safeway, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, United Supermarkets and Carrs/Safeway.


Reviews from our moms

We loved the yogurt, it was surprisingly flavorful and an awesome price. We had a great time and are all planning on sticking with O Organics Yogurt! Thanks for the opportunity.
- Alisa F.

It was difficult to find in the store and there were very few choices of flavors.
- Laura B.

We were amazed at how great this yogurt tasted. I was surprised that it tasted just as good if not better than the other yogurt brands we eat.
- Cynthia B.

We all loved the variety of flavors and the texture.
- Tamie T.

O Organics is a great brand, my family loves it. More flavors would be welcome
- Anjali N.

it could be cheaper to buy.
- Michaela

The texture was a little watery.
- Natalie W.

Wish there was more flavors.
- Jenelle

It is very healthy and low calories and good for the whole family. It’s all natural. My family eats it everyday throughout the day. I have to buy it regularly.
- Brenda P.

The moms and kids really loved the taste of the yogurt and the fact that it’s organic and good for you.
- Stefanie S.

I just wish it was a lil bit more sweet.
- Maricruz Z.

It was very smooth and good tasting for a good price.
- Tina D.

I really liked it. I am particular when it comes to the taste and texture of my yogurt so O Organics made me happy!
- Meg M.

This was the best yogurt. The group loved the flavor of it and the packaging and the ingredients.
- Marilyn M.

The flavors are tasty and love the nutritional value.
- Monia T.

I was surprised how much i liked the taste and texture! Definitely will buy from now on!
- Laura H.

Too sugary and thin consistency.
- Cindy V.

Our group really liked all of the flavors. Maple was the least favorite and we all like the flavor combination of banana vanilla and are hoping that the company will come out with other flavor combinations and not just one flavor. The other top flavors were cherry and peach.
- Angela C.

We all (in our group) enjoyed the texture and taste! The delightful part was so did our children! Awesome!!
- Amy S.

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