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Want more than just ordinary lettuce at the grocery store? Look no further: organicgirl’s good, clean greens are here! It’s the next generation of organic produce, grown in harmony with the earth and cultivated with a keen eye for superior quality.Their most recent product is a perfect reflection of that philosophy: An excellent source of Vitamin A,C, and K, organicgirl’s tasty new baby kale is a nutrition powerhouse—and it’s super easy to prepare. Simply cook it, bake it, juice it, or just toss the young, tender, and flavorful produce with your favorite veggies to make a delicious salad. The best part? Each leaf is packed in a 100% recycled plastic container.

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organicgirl’s 100% baby kale is available at Whole Foods Markets and other natural food chains and traditional grocery stores. To find a store near you, check out the product locator on their website:


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Most of us really like kale but felt the baby kale had a bit sour taste.
- Portia S.

We all had such a great time making and sampling the kale! We all tried recipes that we hadn’t even thought of and a few members even changed their mind about kale! We loved the sampling kit, it was the best one I have ever received. I love Organic Girl and have already bought the other salad greens (LOVE Supergreens!!!) and have recommended your brand to other mom’s around my neighborhood!
- Erica B.

I made kale chips and everyone loved them. They thought it was a great way to ‘trick’ their kids into eating something healthy like kale. They also loved the idea of kayonaise. Easy way to make foods healthier were our favorite ideas. We wouldn’t have to change our routines or our kids’ meals.
- Elaine

I LOVED the sampling kit and it really made for a quality and fun tasting. However, it took me some time to actually find the product as our Whole Foods DID not carry it.
- Tina L.

The consensus was that it is absolutely delicious and super fresh. We loved this product and it will be a staple for many of us. The sampling program was perfect, very informative, and generous. Thank you Moms Meet and Organic Girl!
- Angela N.

It was very tasty, but I didnt like how fast it went “soggy.” It seemed “soggy” right when I opened it.
- Jeanie D.

Was able to have a variety of sampling choices. We sauteed, made salads and added them with cheese and crackers. The product was very fresh and was easy to handle. Everyone in the group loved it and loved the shirt I was wearing. The book is amazing and I will be trying more of the recipes given, so excited!
- Sarabeth P.

For me, I really loved the variety of greens that was offered under Organic Girl. And personally I had been a keen believer in kale previously, but after trying out the recipes included in the book, it showed me that kale was really versatile and with that I was able to whip up 6 different dishes for my group members. However, as expressed and shared by some of my group members, some of the grocery stores like Safeway, Walmart and Sprouts (which most of the moms frequented) did not carry the brand label.
- Sheryl T.

The salad mixes I got at the store all had gross lettuce pieces in them even though the package was within the expiration date! Not fresh at all!
- Elisabeth H.

I was surprised at how many of the mom’s and kids really loved the salads. They said they liked how clean it was and how they didn’t have to do anything to it for preparation.
- Traci K.

LOVED having recipe cards in the kit; so I already had an idea of what to make for the meeting. It was a lot easier to share with people so they could see first hand how easy the recipes were to throw together with the organic girl products.
- Heidi R.

It was very difficult to find a retailer in my area that carried it. I requested it at my local Publix when I first received notice that I would be receiving a sampling kit. It finally came in last week!
- Erika D.

I made kale smoothies, muffins and huevos rancheros with kale using the recipes I was provided and everyone that sampled them loved them! I’m pretty sure I converted some non kale eaters : ).
- Antonia P.

We made a variety of salads with chicken and even our kids loved it. This was a really big hit with our group. We are now eating salads four times a week with our dinner.
- Nina T.

We also bought the power greens to sample. Everyone loved all the products. Most of us eat some form of salad for lunch; so these products were so tasty, delicious, and easy to use. The coupons are all gone – everyone wanted to buy the products!
- Nancy P.

I went to three stores and was only able to find ONE package of Kale :(. Everyone loved it, but wished there was a larger sample. I did however get a variety of your other products and we loved those as well. Namely the 50/50 Spinach /Spring Mix. We would love to make more of your Kale recipes, I just cannot seem to find it in stock locally.
- Alissa D.

The sample box was great! Loved the recipe cards and the cookbook, it gave us all a much broader view of what you can do with kale. This was especially great since some of us have family members that are, dare we say, anti-kale. We held our party as a kind of anti-stress for the holiday season.
- Jennifer H.

The book was great! Loved the t-shirt! The kale was great, but I had to go out of my way to pick it up. Expand to other retailers! Sprouts in AZ is great!
- Jaime H.

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