Pacific Tortilla Soup Starter

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Pacific unites the goodness of nature with the authentic flavors of Mexico. Inspired by the classic Mexican recipe, this Tortilla Soup Starter is an intriguing mix of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and spices, all slowly simmered with just a hint of lime to bring out the rich, natural flavors of old-world Mexican cooking. A big bonus? Pacific Tortilla Soup Starter is organic, vegan, and free of gluten, soy, dairy, corn, wheat and yeast so it’s perfect for most special diets. Simply add fresh ingredients like roasted corn, black beans and chiles to create a tasty soup. Then top with cilantro, tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream or cheese for a meal your whole family will love.

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Corn freeDairy freeEarth friendlyGluten freeOrganicSoy FreeVeganYeast free

Where to Purchase

Pacific Soup Starters are available at Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Smiths, HEB, Savemart, Lucky, Raley’s, Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts, King Kullen, Shaw’s, Tops, Wegmans, Big Y, Hy-Vee, Fresh Market, and Harris Teeter.


Reviews from our moms

Many do not like cilantro, so it was good that you could choose whether or not to add it yourself.
- Leslie K.

Soup was too spicy for some of the children.
- Shelia T.

Oh my word! What a delightful experience. We made Spanish Rice, Vegan and non Vegan Enchiladas. What a great experience. Not one unsatisfied person in the meeting, and everyone left feeling full. Awesome!
- Deanna D.

Overall, everyone was very impressed with the product, but the spice level was just a bit too hot to serve to their families. Many of the kids did not like the spiciness. However, the moms were very interested in trying other Pacific products, because the quality was very good, and the coupons make the price reasonable for an organic product.
- Cindy B.

Everyone was exceptionally satisfied with the tortilla soup starter. Enjoyed the taste, heat, and multi usefulness of this soup. The black beans were outstanding and we had never tasted black beans so good.
- Anne C.

Everyone at our Group raved about the soup we prepared. We all helped to prepare the soups and different variations. Even the kids loved it.
- Tia D.

I made the enchilada recipe for our group. We all enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner together! The flavor was excellent. Recipe was super easy to make up before the party.
- Jennifer B.

The only flavor comment was that it could have been spicier.
- Megan A.

We all thought the taste was wonderful. It was not too spicy, not too salty, it was just right. We will be purchasing this product from now on.
- Jessica J.

The product is excellent and it’s flavor was right on point.. It saved me time in the kitchen and I added chicken breast to mine to make it a full meal.
- Violet D.

It was not what we expected at all! We all were thinking the soup starter base would be bland and have little to no taste, but oh my were we shocked with the wonderful taste of the finished product. We were talking about recipes and what other meals could be enhanced with this wonderful product. This has been regularly added to my home, as well as my guests. Thank you so very much for this wonderful sampling.
- T.T.

The moms in my group, including myself, really loved this soup starter! I loved that it took minimal effort on my part to create a delicious dish.
- Laura L.

I believe this product was too salty and too artificial tasting.
- Dawn

Most of the moms liked the soup, the consensus was that it just didn’t taste as good as homemade. However, most the moms said they would use this product when they needed a quick family meal.
- Rita G.

Loved the product, the versatility and flavor. Will definitely purchase and look forward to creating deliciousness with it in the future.
- Allison B.

The adults loved the soup; however for the kids, it was a little too spicy. But it has a wonderful flavor, my 10 year old loved it.
- Dianna A.

The black beans were hard to get out of the package.
- Michelle G.

A few of the members thought that it needed more seasoning flavor.
- Mona T.

We sampled the Tortilla Soup Starter, and most moms thought it was a bit too spicy to be cooked for the whole family. Those who liked spicy foods loved the soup, but others thought the pepper content should be lower.
- Natalia D.

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