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Pact makes super soft cotton clothing that is better for both people and planet. Pact uses organic farming practices that don’t pollute the soil or water while partnering with organizations that protect the well-being of the people who make the clothes.

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Earth friendlyEco-FriendlyFair Trade certifiedGOTS CertifiedNo toxinsOCS CertifiedOrganic CottonPeople & planet friendlySweatshop free

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Pact is available by visiting Use code momsmeet25 to receive 25% off your order at!


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When possible we like to choose clothing that is ethically made. PACT Organic fits this criteria. They use organic cotton to minimize their environmental impact and ensure that their factories are safe, hygienic and free of child labor. Workers are also paid a living wage. Read the full review
- Goodbye Normal

I love black leggings and have worn them for years and my new PACT Organic leggings are both soft and strong. I love that they are thicker than many of the leggings I have worn and stay comfortably in place. No tugging to keep them up. Read the full review
- Home Ec at Home

I was outfitted head to toe by PACT Organic. I was so comfortable the entire day. The jacket was the perfect fit and adjusted nicely for the weather. The leggings were nice and fitted to my legs making climbing and walking comfortable. The jacket and leggings were so soft! So soft! I wear my jacket all the time. Read the full review
- Burnt Apple

One of the first things I noticed when trying on PACT Organic clothing was the soft and thick texture. The sports bra was soft and fit well, without any annoying seems. The leggings were the perfect fit with a waistband that stayed flat without rolling. The jacket had sleeves that fit my long arms. Read the full review
- Busy Working Mama

The long leggings were a surprise for me. I haven’t worn leggings probably EVER. So I was really happy when I tried the PACT Organic leggings and found that they were supportive yet stretchy, and so soft. I really liked the weight of the fabric – not see through, which was so important for me. Read the full review
- Get Green. Be Well

The camisole has a built-in shelf bra which is amazinggggg and surprisingly sturdy. I usually find them to be pretty flimsy. I’ve also become a huge fan of this sports bra. It’s lightweight but still has structure and is breastfeeding-friendly! Read the full review
- Xo Noelle

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