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Vitamins and supplements can be confusing. Persona provides a convenient, long-term nutritional supplement solution tailored precisely to you and your family’s needs. With Persona, you can invest in your extended family’s health with personalized supplement deliveries and one-on-one expert advice. Their science-based assessment takes into account your lifestyle, diet, health goals—even your medications—and uses that insight to build a doctor-approved supplement recommendation just for you. For an affordable monthly subscription, Persona will deliver high-quality, customized vitamin packs right to your door—and provide you with unlimited access to health expertise from their qualified dietitians and nutritionists. No hype, no confusion, just clean nutrients that fit your family.

28-day supplyConvenient daily packsPartnered with Vitamin AngelsPersonalized vitamins and supplementsProduced in FDA certified facilitiesSubscription service

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Discover the Secret to a Better Night’s Sleep

Getting enough restful sleep is important for your health, and as moms it can feel like one of the hardest parts of a healthy routine. Watch to learn how you can improve your sleep through nutrition with registered dietitian Kimberly Richardson during our Facebook Live. She’s sharing more about the link between diet and sleep, and giving us an inside look at unique sets of supplements designed to help you live a healthier life. 

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