Petit Pot Desserts

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If you’ve been searching for a decadent, perfectly-portioned dessert, we’ve got just the thing. Petit Pot Organic French Desserts blend age-old French pastry practices with California culinary flourishes to create the sweet velvety goodness of crème with the consistency of custard.

The Dark Chocolate Organic French Dessert has an elegant, creamy texture that’s oh so French. And there’s nothing plain about the Vanilla Bean variety. With vanilla from Madagascar and a rich texture, this work of art belongs in the Louvre. Enjoy a sweet spoonful of Petit Pot’s délicieux desserts straight out of a recyclable and reusable glass jar.

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Authentic recipes created by a French pastry chefMade in small batchesOrganic, clean-label ingredientsPerfectly proportionedRecyclable and reusable glass jars

Where to Purchase

Petit Pot organic French desserts are available for purchase at Publix. To find a store near you, visit

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