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We know that grab-and-go snacks are pantry staples for moms and kids alike! Unfortunately, many of the tasty treats kids love are overloaded with sugar. So what’s the solution for moms who want a organic snack, and kids who want great taste? Meet Go Bars from Plum Organics®, they’re the perfect blend of nutrition and yum, designed to inspire kids’ taste buds and help sustain their energy. Made with 12g of whole grains, seven essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and even veggies—these little bars pack a big punch. Plus they contain 25 percent less sugar* than the leading chewy granola bar! With Plum Organics® you can feel confident that your little adventurer is getting delicious and nutritious on-the-go goodness. So what are you waiting for? Get on the go, thanks to Go Barsfrom Plum Organics®!

FiberLow sugarMineralsOrganicVitaminsWhole grain

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Plum Organics® products are sold at Target, Wegman’s, and select Whole Foods Stores nationwide.


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The kids go crazy for these snacks and moms love that they’re good for them!
- Brigida P.

The texture and taste of the bars are too grainy.
- Jayce C.

My group was very pleased with the quality of these products. They will be providing them for their kids and families from now on.
- Susan Taylor

Plum Organics Go Bars were very well favored by my mom’s group and we hope more flavors will be introduced in the future even though the ones right now are good.
- Thao G.

Overall the moms in our group liked that the bars were organic and not full of sugar. However, most of them did not like the taste of the bars and felt that they were too dry.
- Sandy V.

I found that this sample experience was excellent. A majority of the group had never tried the products, and afterwards they loved them! Personally, I have had a very difficult time finding the Plum Organics Go Bars.
- Heather S.

They are impossible to find in my area. Could not find them at any store.
- Roxana R.

I personally liked the bars, but I’ve always eaten healthy & so have my children. Other children of our group were not used to the texture or less than sickly sweet taste. It’s not that they weren’t good, they just weren’t used to it & so they didn’t immediately care for the bars.
- Christy B.

Plum Organics was a huge hit with my MOM’S group. We all LOVE the fact that these are healthy for our children, and we LOVE that our kids enjoy the taste. It’s made it much easier to incorporate healthy nutrition through your product line.
- Jennifer B.

Many felt they were kind of dry.
- Cindy C.

Great product!!! Everyone in my Moms group said their children are LOVING the snacks, thank you so much.
- Andrea M.

Half of our groups kids loved the bars and the other half wanted nothing to do with the bars- they said they were too dry.
- Melissa Y.

These were highly enjoyed by our group! Huge hit!
- Rebekah B.

This was an amazing sampling. Everything was delicious and felt good to give our kids. Thank you so much! UNfortunately, the coupon expired at the end of November. None of our members could use it. Most are saying they will buy the product anyway!
- Monica E.

Some of the textures are off.
- Rhonda D.

My kids loved them! That’s the most important. I can rest easy knowing they’re eating these and not putting chemicals into their bodies.
- Justina Van Eck

My moms really enjoyed the bars and squeezes :). They love that they are organic too. So yummy!!
- Sophia W.

Adults and kids loved the Go Bars, the only issue was that some have dairy allergies and wheat allergies, or severe peanut allergies so they cannot eat them.
- Jessica M.

Thank you for the samples. We loved trying out everything. The Plum Organics Go Bars were delicious, the moms and the kids loved them!
- Renie O.

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