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Potency, taste, and convenience—all three aspects are vital for forming healthy routines. Rainbow Light’s delicious Power Sours® Multivitamin Gummies deliver essential nutrition for children ages 4+. Specially formulated with clinically research key nutrients, plus an extra boost of vitamin C, these naturally fruit-flavored gummies are additive and preservative free. Available in convenient Grab & Go single-serve packets, Rainbow Light Power Sours travel well and can be a part of both on-the go and at-home routines!

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No additivesNo preservativesNon-GMOOrganicProbioticsVitamin C

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Rainbow Light products can be found at natural health food stores, select grocers, and online at shop.rainbowlight.com.


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The taste was surprisingly very impressive for a vitamin and many of the moms will be buying these for their kids as well as themselves from now on.
- Melissa M.

For most of the kids they complain that the vitamin is too sugary and the smell is just too strong.I would recommend to just make it smooth and simple so most of the kids will love it. – Jenny C.
- Jenny C.

Both the kiddos and parents loved the taste of the Sour Gummies. They all could not believe it was a vitamin! Kids thought it was candy! Win for moms!
- Jacquelyn L.

You could not have made it easier for us to get our kids daily nutrition! The power sours were a huge hit among the kids. We all agreed that we felt really good about the ingredients and that was our favorite thing about the vitamin. The only downside is the gummy factor that some agree may not be good for their teeth. My children don’t consume any other gummy products so I was ok with it being in a small amount for a vitamin purpose.
- Deborah F.

We liked the sourness, but felt it was too vitamins flavored.
- Kimberly Z.

At first, we were surprised at the individual packaging and thought it might just be wasteful, but realized that it was very convenient. We think it would be easy to pack in a school lunch or to grab on the go. The only challenge I can see is that my kids LOVED them and will want to eat more than one!
- Angela G.

The kids all liked the flavor and texture of the vitamins very much.
- Elizabeth M.

The packs made it easy and the kids all were excited about trying them. Once they ate them they wanted more. The taste was great.
- Dorothy

Our group consensus is that we would prefer Rainbow Light Gummies in a plastic vitamin container that can be recycled rather than all of them individually wrapped in plastic that can not be recycled. Many of our group members strive to reduce waste and make purchasing decisions based on how much packaging/the recycle-ability an item has.
- Monique D.

Many of the participants stated they liked everything but the strong vitamin B after-taste.
- Elizabeth W.

Our entire group LOVED the vitamins. The adults tried at least one vitamin and were impressed with the taste & texture but the kids were amazingly positive about the vitamins. Once they discovered that the vitamins were similar to ‘gummy bears’, they eagerly tried them and enjoyed them immensely. They all wanted additional vitamins. Negative comments were completely absent.
- Melissa M.

Everyone loved the texture, some gummy vites can be weirdly sticky. These were firm and had a great chewy texture! They didn’t have that stinky tell-tale vitamin smell the kids hate. Adults loved them because the flavors tasted like our childhoods!!
- Susan C.

The product was absolutely excellent. The product has a great taste, the whole family liked the variety of flavors, and it is very convenient to take anywhere. A great multivitamin for the whole family.
- Agnes M.

The shapes did not coincide with the taste, i.e. the pineapple tasted like cherry.
- Brenda K.

I love them. My kids love them. When I ran out of the sample packs I had to go out and get more because my boys refuse to have any other vitamin lol.
- Shanelle R.

These were the best tasting multivitamin gummies we’ve ever tried. We are so pleased with the ingredients list.
- Sonia T.

Most all the moms liked the gummies because of the ingredients. The kids unanimously liked the taste!
- Gale B.

There were some picky eaters at the sampling and they loved the gummies! They wanted seconds right away :).
- Michelle

These gummy vitamins are awesome. All of the kiddos including mine absolutely loved them and ate them right up! They loved how they could open their own package and were yummy!
- Keri B.

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