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It’s time to Say Goodbye to Butter, and Say Hello to MELT!® MELT Organic spreads are North America’s first line of luscious butter improvements that are truly good for you. Each variety of MELT Organic features the Perfect Blend™ of fruit– and plant-based oils that we’ve carefully chosen for you: virgin coconut, palm fruit, flaxseed, sunflower and canola. MELT Organic spreads sizzle, drizzle, bake and sauté just like organic butter, but with half the saturated fat and fewer calories. All MELT Organic spreads are soy free, gluten free, dairy free, trans fat free and are certified organic, Kosher Pareve, and non-GMO. Liven up your healthy lifestyle with MELT Organic – the ‘BUTTER 2.0®’ that loves you back.

Dairy freeGluten freeNaurally sweetenedNo trans fatOrganicSoy Free

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Great product. A little pricey for butter for my group of moms.
- Gina H.

These products were quite difficult to locate!
- Carrie M.

We were very happy with the original flavor and honey flavor. The honey tastes great on toast. The original flavor works wonderfully when cooking. We weren’t big fans of the chocolate. Definitely wouldn’t buy that flavour. The price was surprisingly pretty decent too! We would really like to see the original flavor in a stick form.
- Courtney R.

My group loved the creaminess of the spreads and the taste. So easy to use and they taste better than other butters. Really love that they are dairy free, soy free, trans fat free and gluten free. The kids loved the spread on baked croissants. Delicious!
- Hendrika V.

Coconut taste was strong to me.
- Stephanie H.

This is hands down one of the most appreciated products that we have tried in our group. Every single person in our group has fallen in love with it!
- Alice G.

Melt Organic has great ingredients and makes us feel good about it being healthy. And the taste is truly remarkable and surprising in its creaminess and deliciousness. Butter fans in the group were shocked that it tasted so much like butter. It is an amazing product that we definitely like very much.
- Star R.

The members of the moms group I lead really loved trying the MELT products. I loved showing how to use it in recipes and the moms and kids loved the samples. The kids dipped fruit in the honey and chocolate MELT and the moms loved the healthy ingredients and the idea of baking with MELT. They just wished MELT was available at more stores in the area.
- Stefanie S.

I personally loved this sampling. My son is autistic and we’ve taken him off dairy. There are other ‘butter’ substitutes, but he doesn’t like those. Melt is a perfect fit!
- Neffatida G.

The product is very expensive and hard to find in local chain-brand stores. But the product is tasty and would like to try it again if we had better coupons to use.
- Brittany T.

It was really fun. I obtained all the butters and we did a cooking tasting party, where each mom would bring a dish they know that needs a kind of butter they are familiar with, and we would try it with Melt Organic. Then we compared tastes and foods, and found out that Melt Organic enhanced the taste to almost every food.
- Cristina

We all LOVED the taste and texture of Melt Organic spreads! I did have a difficult time locating the Chocolate and Honey varieties, which I really wanted to sample but I just couldn’t find them in stores. I even contacted Melt to ask them for help and responded that they’re trying to stock stores with those flavors, but haven’t gotten it out there yet.
- Maren Q.

DELICIOUS!! This will now be what we purchase in place of butter. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Would love to find the honey and chocolate to also try.
- Ilana A.

Some people felt the original buttery spread had too much of a coconut taste for their liking, so they would not purchase on their own.
- Salina D.

We simply loved Melt!! I baked and used it in several kinds of food!!! My husband said he never tried a spread so good!!! Congrats for this product!!!
- Marilda W.

This was a great product. Honestly everyone loved it who sampled it. Especially the chocolate kind. Can’t compare it to much else…it’s great.
- Kim L.

Everyone in my mom’s group enjoyed the buttery taste of this spread on croissants and toasts. Worked out extremely well for those who had vegan diets as a dairy free alternative. The only short was that the Honey flavor wasn’t sold in nearby grocery stores.
- Nance L.

WE loved sampling and using the honey and original. There are 3 locations that sell Melt near me and none of them carry the chocolate variety, which was quite disappointing, so I hope it’s available soon.
- Billie K.

Thank you! I spread melt on a toasted baguette to sample it out, and I made almond butter honey cookies as well as rice chex marshmallow treats using melt. Everyone loved the snacks! Thank you!
- Heather Y.

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