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Want to try a superfood juice that is loaded with nutrition, not sugar? Sambazon 100 is a powerhouse juice that is packed with antioxidants, healthy omegas, and essential nutrients. Made with 100% juice, Sambazon 100 is made with Fair Trade, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. It also only contains 60 to 100 calories and 5 to11 grams of sugar per bottle, which is less than one-third of the sugars found in other premium juices. That’s why Sambazon 100 is the best juice Sambazon has ever made. In fact, they believe it’s the number one superfood juice on the planet.

AntioxidantsFiberGluten freeNon-GMOOrganicProteinVegan

Where to Purchase

To find a store near you, visit: Sambazon Superfruit Açaí Bites can be found at the following retailers: Sprouts Farmers Market, Harris Teeter, Natural Grocers, Lucky’s Farmers Market, New Leaf Community Markets, Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, New Seasons Market, and Vons and Albertsons in SoCal.

Sambazon 100 Juices are available at your local Publix Super Market. To find a Publix near you, visit


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The only thing I did not enjoy was actually finding the product. Not all Public carry it in my area.
- Ashley G.

We loved sampling these juices! I used the smaller bottles to drink at home and me, my children and my husband all enjoyed drinking them. At my meeting, we did a brunch and had the larger packages of juice mixed with champagne and it was a delicious spin on a typical Mimosa. This was a great sampling and we all enjoyed it!
- Brandi H.

I froze some of it into a slushy and the group seemed to enjoy it more like that.
- Cassandra M.

I really liked the taste and that it had low sugar. I felt it was a bit pricey.
- Bianca F.

Liked the variety of flavors. Parents liked the fact that these are healthy and earth conscious too. Smell did turn a few parents and kids off, but most that could get through the smell liked the taste.
- Shula R.

Even this juice is low in sugar, it is still to sweet. The juice is very good, my friends and I really loved, but it could use less sweetener.
- Luisa

We loved trying the juices in smoothies. We added fruit to a couple of them and they turned out delicious!
- Courtney M.

My group really enjoyed the sampling, the flavors were wonderful and even the kids liked them. As moms we love that our kids would like something so good for them. The only con about the sampling was that the product is very expensive. The people in my group said they will most likely buy this product with the coupons they were given but without saving that dollar they would not really pay that much, even though the juice was delicious.
- Arly P.

My group LOVED sampling this juice. It was one of the best sampling responses I have had as a Moms Meet member.
- Jessica P.

We LOVED the Juice blended with lemonade and ice cubes – so refreshing.
- Amanda B.

This was one product we have tried to date that everyone completely loved. I had mom’s telling me they purchased it using coupons provided in the Sampling kit immediately at Publix and even their spouse liked it a lot. This product is a new favorite for all our families.
- Pallavi K.

One common complaint in our group was that the drinks needed to be thicker + maybe needed a strong splash of extra flavoring.
- M.P.

We liked the taste in the smoothie much better then the drink alone.
- Nichole

Thank you for the opportunity to try this wonderful juice. If it were not for Mom Ambassador we would not have known about this product.
- Dawn M.

The taste was great and there is many different ways to use this juice.
- Anita S.

It was just a little to grainy for my taste. I would like to see more flavors.
- Dawn D.

I just wanted to tell you how much my group loved the juice, I was able to purchase other flavors after our sampling and loved those as well. The juice is excellent in a smoothie.
- Sherri C.

Thank you for allowing our group to try Sambazon 100 Juice! We had a wonderful time sampling the different juices. Not only was this a great social experience, we were also introduced to a great product.
- Amy S.

The juice was very delicious. Most moms in my group have tried regular Sambazon juice, but could not tell the difference between the regular juice and the 100 juice.
- Winga T.

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