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Sambazon® Fresh juices and smoothies are made with the finest organic Amazon Superfoods™ on the planet and are available in a variety of delicious flavors, packed with antioxidants and healthy omegas. These drinks are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re seeking a wholesome snack or light meal—and you can rest easy knowing that all of their products are NON-GMO, USDA organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Sambazon’s certified Organic and Fair Trade partnerships benefit more than 10,000 family farmers and help protect over 1.6 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest, so you can feel good about supporting a company like this!

Antioxidant-richFair Trade certifiedGluten freeNon-GMOOmega-3-6-9OrganicVegan

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We were all so excited about these drinks but very disappointed with the taste.
- Teresa T.

The group really enjoyed these smoothies overall, they really enjoyed the Kale and Ginger and the Mocha Java. Only thing is it is only available at a couple stores in our area and they are priced to be out of most budgets here.
- Bonnie P.

My group and I had a great time getting together and sampling the different flavored juices. They tasted great. This is a product we will buy for years to come! Thank you.
- Leslie S.

The only hard thing about the Sambazon sharing experience was that there was no where close by to get the free sample for the group. You can get a few flavors in the large bottles at Safeway, but not the free samples. So I had to drive to whole foods and supplied everyone with free samples. But it was worth it!
- K Carrie A.

Way too hard to find in stores, but once discovered, my group loved this product. The super greens was a little hard to swallow but super healthy!
- Kelly H.

Some of my group members wished that there was less sugar in some of the smoothies, but other than that, they loved them.
- Ty W.

The juice is very nice tasting however the smoothies texture and smell somewhat was not liked by the kids- the adults find it thicker than the normal brand they buy. Also, for the price, it is way smaller and would not be enough for adults. Also, I had personally had difficulties buying the 20 bottles at just 1 place since it is stated in the coupon that it is 1 per transaction and cashiers don’t allow for multiple transactions too.
- Givenchy A.

My group LOVED these juices and are somewhat addicted to them! The variety of flavor, the price point, and the nutritional benefits all meet what we’re looking for in a smoothie product. Excellent!
- Liz A.

It was difficult to find all of the varieties of smoothies or juices, and where it was available, only 6 flavors were carried. Many in the group thought the flavor was good, but some did not care for the texture. Overall, some group members would be willing to buy Sambazon if it was available at their frequently shopped grocers and if it cost less. For example, Naked smoothies are $1.99 at a store that most members shop weekly, but Sambazon cost $2.99 – $3.29 at a chain retailer that offers limited groceries.
- Rondelle J.

My group loved these! The individuals that like the mocha java couldn’t stop talking about how they felt more alert after consuming it.
- Shannte H.

Most of the moms and dads in my group loved how nutritious Sambazon is and the fact that their kids were actually willing to drink it without fighting! I think Sambazon hit the nail on the head. My only problem is there isn’t many places to purchase the drinks here in our area and where there is places to purchase, they only carry a few of the varieties.
- Nita S.

The product is amazing. It’s very healthy and tasty. The texture is unique but doesn’t take away from the taste.
- Malarie

These juices are amazing and we all LOVED them. Thanks for the opportunity.
- Jarika L.

Way too sugary. Some flavors were thick and syrupy. Several contained soy.
- Nicole M.

It was amazing. My oldest daughter is very picky and she loved it and kept asking for more.
- Shirley Z.

Everyone really enjoyed the smoothies and we wish to thank you for the amazing opportunity.
- Nicole T.

I couldn’t find several of the flavors.
- Sandra E.

I have loved these smoothies for a long time and will continue to buy them! Great sampling program!
- Elisabeth H.

Yum! These were so good & our group was really excited how healthy they were. My moms are really into healthy smoothies & this was everything already done, without having to get the blender or juicer all messy. There were a few people who didn’t love the Chocolate Almond Coconut Protein drink, but everyone (including the kids!) thought the others tasted great!
- Christina S.

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