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Second Nature believes that the foundation of a strong mind and body starts with what you eat, and what you eat is best when found in nature. That’s why their Wholesome Medley, an all-natural assortment of whole almonds, whole cashews, whole peanuts, cherries, cranberries, and dark chocolate, is perfect for anytime snacking. It is also nutrient dense with concentrated amounts of protein, fiber, and minerals, so just a handful as a snack satisfies hunger well enough to reduce the consumption of other foods. Whether you’re craving something sweet, salty, or sodium-free, Second Nature’s Wholesome Medley hits the spot.

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Gluten freeKosherLow sodiumNaturalNo artificial additivesNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo cholesterolNo preservativesNo trans fatsNon-GMOProtein

Where to Purchase

Second Nature products can be found at most major grocery retailers, as well as Kroger, Publix, and Meijer. To find a store near you, visit


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Many of the moms thought it tastes great, but several mentioned there was too much chocolate; they would have liked to see more fruit/nuts.
- Kate

Surprisingly my group for the most part did not like the flavors and aftertaste of these nut snacks.
- Amber R.

My Mom’s Meet group really enjoyed this sampling opportunity. It was a lot of fun to try the different nut combinations and the chocolate in the mix was a big hit!
- Jill D.

Such a great sampling! So generous! My group was beyond thrilled and will be buying more in the future.
- Zara M.

Loved the combinations of nuts, fruits and chocolate. They were a hit with the moms because it gave us something to snack on that is healthy but also has chocolate.
- Erika H.

We all LOVED these mixtures. The wholesome medley was the favorite. As it was the holiday time we all got together to go to a tree lighting so I handed them out when we first met up and we all loved them. A great mix of fruits, nuts and chocolate. I liked that the wholesome medley did not have raisins in it, as most of the mixes do. I had never noticed before, but after sampling them I noticed BJ’s sells the family size bags, and since my entire family liked them I will definitely be buying in the future.
- Katrina Z.

Too much dried fruit….. More than half the bag.
- Kimberly H.

I enjoyed it and I am glad that my group did as well. There were also children at my group meeting and they enjoyed it as well. I like the individual serving packs because it is good to carry with you as a snack.
- Lori W.

Second Nature’s Wholesome Medley was an absolute success, it was delicious and healthy. My group of moms were thrilled to have been introduced to this product and will continue to purchase it for their families as a great, guilt-free snack!
- Jen M.

We loved the great balance between the crunch of the nuts/seeds and the soft chewiness of the fruits. The sweet and savory blended well together. They are great to enjoy on their own, in desserts with muffins and cakes, or in snacks like yogurt or on top of ice cream.
- Stacy L.

The overwhelming response was too much fruit, not enough nuts. Mom’s were disappointed, though kids who do not like nuts were pleased.
- Gabe N.

We all agreed that this was one of our favorite samples that we’ve had so far. So delicious! In fact, I had to hide the box of samples from my husband so he wouldn’t eat them all before the party!
- Angela M.

Some members of my mom’s group would like to see a blend of nuts and no dried fruit, overall a hit with everyone.
- Sherry F.

My group of mom’s loved that this was a natural, gluten free snack! The kids enjoyed the sweet touch of chocolate, and the package sizes were attractive and convenient. It was a wonderful sampling!
- Katrina R.

My whole group of moms really loved these products. After they tried it, they were so excited and couldn’t wait to go buy some for themselves. They really loved it and loved that it was good for them to eat. They said they would replace what they are currently buying with these products.
- Lisa S.

it was very good, but the price is ridiculous!
- Karen M.

They were very tasty. Some group members thought there were too many nuts and not enough of the different fruits in it. Most liked the Dark Chocolate mix, because it added a sweet flavor to the mix.
- Rosemarie M.

The overall consensus is that they were good, but nothing special for the price. We liked the idea of them being low sodium but everyone said they needed more salt for flavor.
- Jessica B.

Second Nature’s Wholesome Medley was even better than we expected. Everything is high quality about the product, from the packaging to the product itself. This is truly a high quality snack or replacement meal. Our group especially liked the box of single servings packs… perfect for lunches, car rides or just to keep in one’s purse for a quick pick me up. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We will be looking for your product in the stores.
- Linda O.

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