Silver Hills Sprouted Grain Bread

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Did you know there is a healthier way to enjoy bread in your daily diet? At Silver Hills Bakery, they bake their breads using a unique sprouting process where they clean, rise, and soak the grains until they begin to sprout. Not only do sprouted grains retain all of the nutrition from the whole grain kernel, they are easier for the body to digest and absorb the nutrients as well. All Silver Hills sprouted grain breads are also organic, vegan, and non-GMO, so you can feed your family with confidence.

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FiberLow calorieNon-GMOOrganicProteinVeganWhole grain

Where to Purchase

Silver Hills Bakery products are available at select Target stores, Safeway, Whole Foods Mid West, Sprouts, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, and select natural food retailers. To find a location near you, visit their store locator at


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It was difficult to find the bread. Only sprouts carries it near us and it wasn’t always in stock.
- Scarlett B.

review from=”Hanan G.”]All of us liked the texture and taste of the Silver Hills Bakery bread, because sometimes bread is a little bit dry and this one was not. Thank you Moms Meet for this sampling opportunity.[/review]

I love the taste of the bread. The price is a bit high though.
- Kathy H.

Really delicious! Love that there are so many flavor options – so far, my favorite is the sunflower seed. Thank you!
- Ilana A.

The bread was too dense/chewy for the younger kids. It was good for the older kids and adults.
- Susan R.

The gluten-free variety should come in a larger, more convenient size. It is too small.
- Suzanne A.

We were so happy to be able to share this wonderful product with our children, friends and family. Everyone that we presented this product to was fascinated with the health factors as well as the delicious taste. It is so hard to find a bread that has both a nutritional value as well as a delicious taste and this bread is truly a gem! I will never eat a different type of bread and all of the moms in my group completely agree with me!
- Victoria

Everyone in our group loved the Silver Hills Bakery Bread. Some of the moms mentioned that they wished it was more readily available.
- Joana M.

We all really loved the breads and so did our kids. We are so very glad that we were apart of this moms meet sampling experience.
- Anna M.

People thought that the bread was VERY dry. all varieties, the main complaint was how dry it was.
- Mary M.

This bread had a delicious flavor and an appealing texture. Our group made sandwiches with it for a picnic and even all the kids ate every bite! Definitely kid and mom approved!
- Shelly B.

It was a fantastic chance for me to try sprouted grain bread. Others in my group had tried it and liked it, but it was my first time – I’m a convert! Love the taste, plus the benefits over regular bread are amazing!
- Theresa H.

We tried it as bread with butter, hummus, and peanut butter but also made it into grilled cheese sandwiches. Both ways held up well and were delicious.
- Hillary P.

Wish there was more flavors where I shop.
- Kathy A.

The moms and children in my group loved the bread! It was a big hit. We all brought sandwich fixing to a meeting at a local park and had a picnic using the breads. All of the moms loved how it is a good wholesome bread that the entire family would enjoy.
- Tina B.

There were some people in the group who had not heard about sprouted bread or tried it. They were very much impressed by the health qualities of sprouted bread and specially thanked me and Moms Meet for allowing them the privilege of trying out Silver Hills Bakery sprouted bread!
- Alice G.

All our Mom’s wanted to say and give a BIG THANK YOU to Silver Hills Bakery. We loved these products and to know our families are in safe hands as these are natural and organic products – without all those man made ingredients that give you upset tummies.
- Tina P.

Everyone in my group loved this bread!! We love the gluten free option! Dairy free is important to all of us in the group because we have a lot of MSPI babies!
- Christine A.

My members really loved this bread. I know several have already purchased it.
- Sara T.

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