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“This Milk is Bananas!”™ Sir Bananas™ is a deliciously smooth, snackably good™ bananamilk. Made with the goodness of milk and real bananas, Sir Bananas is a good source of eight essential nutrients, including protein and calcium, and has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. This delicious and creamy drink is available in two flavors—bananamilk and chocolate bananamilk, made with real cocoa—making it perfect for snack time, breakfast, or even in your favorite recipes, because BANANAS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.™

CalciumNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial sweetenersPotassiumProtein

Where to Purchase

Sir Bananas™ is available in the flavored milk section of your local grocer. Visit for exact store locations.


Reviews from our moms

This product was a hit. Not only did the moms really enjoy this product but also the kids. We always are looking for ways to sneak in some extra nutrition and with this product we don’t have to sneak anything.
- Brianna S.

Great product! Very versatile to use as a snack, a drink, in recipes, and great to put in a healthy smoothie! Everybody loved the flavor and texture!
- Hendrik V.

Most of the kids liked it. I think they liked the chocolate version better, although the chocolate versions weren’t as banana-y.
- Michelle G.

As far as drinking alone, my group members preferred the chocolate flavor. But the vanilla was liked as well, especially in the smoothies and pancakes we made.
- Emily B.

I loved the whole Sir Bananas sample, it tasted great and was so much fun.
- Brnay S.

I would like it to become more available in stores that I shop. It was very hard to find.
- Lisa D.

This milk is so delicious! I’m not even a huge banana fan and I love it. I wish it was a little cheaper though because I probably won’t buy it for my son too often at the current price of almost $5 a half gallon.
- Stacy N.

This was one of our favorite get togethers! Moms, dads, and kids LOVED this product. Everyone has ended up buying this product including myself. No one had seen or heard of this before, but our local Giant Eagle carries this product. Even the workers at the store asked me about the product when I had bought it.
- Beth H.

My group was very surprised when trying this for the first time. I think the adults liked it more than the kids. Price is sort of high, however it has been on sale at my local store, so we have been drinking it quite often.
- Nicole A.

I made the best pancakes with Sir Bananas milk. My kids loved it. All the moms in my group were very impressed.
- Jennifer C.

Everyone love, love, loved the chocolate flavor the best!
- Angela A.

The sampling experience was fantastic. Almost our entire group was unfamiliar with the product. Now almost every member buys this product, because not only our kids enjoy it, but the adults do too.
- Kamrom W.

All the kids were intrigued by the taste, and knowing it is healthy makes it a great win win product.
- Tami S.

The mothers were impressed with the multitude of uses for this product, it could be used to make pancakes, as a snack, to drink, in a smoothie, the list goes on. It’s well worth buying just because of the above.
- Ann S.

Most of the group was very surprised at how good it really tasted. We were mostly afraid of it being too strong of banana but were pleasantly surprised.
- Kim B.

It was delicious, I hate bananas and anything that tastes like bananas.. but I LOVED this stuff!!
- Tiffany W.

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