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Have you ever wondered how ketchup was meant to taste? Made with whole tomatoes, raw sugar, apple cider vinegar, and a selection of other all natural ingredients, Sir Kensington’s Classic variety delivers the tangy balance of traditional ketchup—with added intrigue! For a more daring topping, try their Spiced variety: chipotle peppers, cilantro, and coriander blend together, taking flavor to the next level. Both contain just about half the salt and sugar of typical store-bought ketchup, making it a less caloric and more wholesome addition to your meals.

NaturalNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial preservativesNo high-fructose corn syrup

Where to Purchase

Sir Kensington’s is available at Wegmans, Whole Foods, Safeway, Giant, Target, Bristol Farms, and Mother’s Market. Or click here to get a complete list of retailers.


Reviews from our moms

The glass jar/spoon combo is terrible for moms. And though it tastes amazing! we go through ketchup too quickly to justify the expense of such a small container.
- Heather R.

Excellent product, replaced the old brand in my home.
- Debbie A.

The moms liked the jar design – but it wasn’t conducive to kids using the product independently.
- Heather M.

Delicious ketchup! We enjoyed the Spiced one as well. Loved the packaging.
- Michelle E.

The condiments had a great texture. We all loved that it came in a glass bottle. Not very kid friendly, but looks great to put out for a BBQ or something. The kids wouldn’t stop eating the ketchup. It was a great sampling.
- Kristen A.

Ketchup was very good and everyone was thrilled with how much better the ingredients were than most ketchups.
- Jamie B.

Everyone loved the taste of both the ketchup and the mayonnaise, and how natural and healthy they are. Only problem was the price!
- Nathalie

We all loved the taste and that it wasn’t overloaded with sugar.
- Meg T.

Did not like that it came in a glass bottle, too easy to break when using outdoors for a bbq. Also had trouble finding where to buy it.
- Maria B.

We loved it and how it was so much healthier than the other ketchup out there!
- Tracie L.

In particular, my group members loved the taste, richness and thickness of Sir Kensington’s. They feel it is a sophisticated product that can liven up even the most plain dish.
- Morgan A.

Most of the kids liked it, a few said it was too spicy. The adults all thought it tasted better than plain ketchup, but was a bit too pricey.
- Linda S.

The spicy ketchup wasn’t spicy enough!
- Jessica A.

Everyone was very surprised to see such ‘fancy’ ketchup, and they were especially surprised at how low in sugar it was. They also liked that it was made with olive oil.
- Carol S.

All ages loved the ketchup..from the kids to the adults! It tasted Great…We have all switched to sir Kensington…Thank you so much.
- Nicole P.

Love the spicy-ness!
- Jennifer M.

Bottles are too small for the price.
- Karen S.

We loved it all! So delicious, but more importantly, the kids loved it!!!
- Eunice G.

It’s definitely the most flavorful ketchup we have ever tried.
- Gayle S.

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