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Finding great snacks for school lunches or to serve in groups is getting harder every day because of the increasing presence of nut allergies—until now. Skeeter Nut FreeTM offers wholesome cookies and graham snacks that are so delicious that everyone will love them and are completely safe for anyone in the group who has a nut allergy. Made in a nut-free facility and tested under strict protocols, they contain whole grains and natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or trans fat. And they are priced affordably! Skeeter Nut FreeTM makes it easy to be a good neighbor and ensure the safety of those around you. And even if no one in your family has a nut allergy, they’re sure to become an everyday favorite in your pantry because Everyone Loves Skeeter.

NaturalNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial preservativesNo high-fructose corn syrupNo trans fatsNut freePeanut freeWhole grain

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Skeeter Nut Free™ snacks are available at Big Y, Roche Brothers, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Price Chopper, Wegmans, and on To find a retailer near you, visit


Reviews from our moms

The packaging was fun and inviting. It made the kids want to check them out and try it.
- Melissa N.

Everyone loved the nut free snacks. All the kids wanted seconds! I even gave them some to take home for later. They taste great. They have a good texture and everyone loved that they were all-natural.
- Rachel W.

These were great! My daughter and I are both highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. We often feel left out when others get to eat whatever they want. We have to be pretty careful and read all the labels.
- Bernadette N.

These snacks were a HUGE hit with the kids. My 18 month old sees the packets and goes completely BONKERS for them! They are really tasty and we liked the portion size. The only downside was that some of the kids were diabetic, so it is not something they would usually eat. But in the summer they are allowed to eat a few more carbs because of more exercise opportunities!
- Natasha T.

My group really enjoyed these. They were tasty, nice packaging, and nut free of course. It appealed to all of the moms in my group.
- Robyn D.

A few adult members thought the graham crackers were a little too sweet but the kids all liked them.
- Josie R.

The adults liked the chocolate ones the best, while the kids absolutely loved the cinnamon ones. Neither group was a big fan of the chocolate chip cookies. Moms loved that it clearly says NUT FREE on the packaging. None of us have kids with nut allergies but are very sensitive to the issue. All were excited about packaging it as part of lunch or snack for school – again the clear nut free label is very helpful.
- Cristina F.

The children were more interested in the chocolate chip flavor versus the cinnamon and honey.
- Kelly S.

For the most part the younger children preferred the chocolate chip while the older liked the graham crackers. The little kids said the graham crackers weren’t very flavorful.
- Kim B.

My favorite comment was from my friend Karyn who was visiting from Massachusetts…she said, ‘The Skeeters are wicked yummy!’ We all really enjoyed them. We loved how the chocolate tasted like chocolate without being overly sweet and fake tasting. All of the flavors were really delicious and we love how they come in small packs -making them easy to put in a lunchbox. The squirrel’s eyes cracked us all up!
- Lisa W.

The moms in my group and my own kids both loved the snacks. It will be a great option to bring as a snack for my kid’s preschool this year.
- Jessica F.

We have a few moms who are nut free due to children’s allergies and this was a hit! Most did not know this brand was even on the market. This was probably one of our most popular snack samples through this program!
- Kristen G.

Everyone loved the cookies and most liked the animal crackers, but a few didn’t like the animal ones at all.
- Betsy B.

Everyone loved the taste of the snacks. They were fresh and flavorful and definitely something that was enjoyed by all.
- Denise L.

Skeeter Nut Free Snacks are just amazing. All kids in the group loved it. The chocolate flavor was a huge hit along with the cookies. Most of the moms were so pleased about the allergy friendly attribute.
- Divya C.

The taste wasn’t what I was expecting from a healthy cookie, the taste was phenomenal.
- Ashley H.

I wish the cinnamon graham crackers had a bit more nutritional value.
- Rachel A.

This was by far my favorite sampling experience because most of our group has nut allergies and many of the children said they felt very special that they could try these snacks safely and raved at how good they were. One little girl, said, ‘Mom, I can finally not worry, I love Skeeter!’ It was very touching to see the children with nut allergies feel special and confident that they were eating and enjoying safe snacks.
- Jen M.

The kids and even adults loved the taste and variety of flavors, plus it’s healthy and nut free and the packaging was so cute and eye catching, this was a hit!
- Nicki

Everyone LOVES all of the snacks! The flavors and textures are great and even the kids loved them. The mom’s also loved all the samples they received and most said they will definitely be buying them in the future if they’re sold at a decent price.
- Anita J.

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