Slate Classic Chocolate Milk

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Is there anything more delicious than a good ol’ fashioned creamy chocolate milk? Made with adults and kids in mind, Slate Classic Chocolate Milk tastes just like your favorite chocolate treats—while also offering 75% less sugar than conventional brands. Using only natural ingredients and milk sourced from family-owned farms, this lactose-free beverage is high in protein, electrolytes, and vitamins. Plus, it’s only 130 calories and is free of carrageenan and artificial ingredients. Slate Milk is also shelf stable and doesn’t require refrigeration. Thanks to Slate Milk, you can enjoy the taste of a delicious chocolate milk without the bad stuff!

Carrageenan freeHigh in electrolytesHigh in proteinHigh in vitaminsLactose freeLow in sugarNatural ingredientsNothing artificialSourced from family-owned farms

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Slate Classic Chocolate Milk is available to purchase at Harris Teeter. To find a store near you, visit:

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