So Delicious Dairy Free Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert Pints

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Grab your spoon and taste the decadence and deliciousness of So Delicious® Dairy Free Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert pints! Made with fair trade coffee, vanilla, and cocoa, So Delicious Dairy Free Cashew Milk Frozen Dessert pints are also soy-free, gluten-free, and hormone free. Like all So Delicious Dairy Free products, these frozen desserts are all Non-GMO Project Verified, certified vegan, and never have any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. There is SO much to love about So Delicious Dairy Free!

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Carrageenan freeDairy freeGluten freeNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial sweetenersNo hydrogenated oilsNo trans fatNon-GMOOrganicSoy Free

Where to Purchase

So Delicious® Dairy Free products are available at natural food stores like Whole Foods and increasingly at other grocery stores like Safeway, Kroger, and Stop & Shop. To find products in your area, visit their store locator at


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It was very good, but a little too sweet for me.
- Katie Y.

These dessert pints were delicious and tasted just as good as regular ice cream. My group loved that the pints were dairy free and that they were made with wholesome ingredients.
- Mona S.

My group and I agree, this Frozen dessert has changed our lives!!! Seriously, this is the best dairy free ice cream on the market, everyone at the meeting said there’s no way they’d buy anything else after trying this, it is SO good!! Personally, I’ve been buying it weekly since trying it, and even before I went dairy free I wasn’t a huge ice cream eater, these are just that good!! Everyone does agree that they wish the price was a little lower, but we’re willing to pay it because we love it so much!
- Jennifer L.

It was excellent! My son cannot have dairy and it’s so nice to find something that is great in taste as well as price!
- Hillary T.

Take some of the added sugar out of the ingredients.
- Brittany D.

Some of our members have issues with gluten and dairy products so this was an excellent opportunity for them to try something new.
- Milka C.

This was by far the BEST non dairy ice cream we have ever had. It was creamy, and the cookies were crispy, not soggy! The ingredients were top notch. Most of us will not buy anything else. It was THAT good!
- Kimberlee H.

Our Mom’s Group had so much fun trying the So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream. Some thought the taste was too sweet at first, but then wound up LOVING it. Snickerdoodle was a crowd favorite!!
- Alyssa M

These were just delicious and creamy! The one thing we do not like is the price. A pint is SO expensive. Coupons definitely help, but we wish the price weren’t so high.
- M.B.C

We all tried the 3 flavors. Opinions varied on the favorites of each person, but the cappuccino was most enjoyed because it was the most creamy and the cashew taste wasn’t overpowering.
- Cheryl D.

Love dairy free alternatives and this is a great healthier option for ourselves and our kiddos!
- Jennifer S.

I had a really hard time tracking it down locally. My group was totally mixed about how they liked the product. I found that overall the mom’s who steer clear of dairy were most impressed while the mom’s who consistently use dairy were not a fan of the product.
- Michel B.

So impressed! The taste and the variety was out of this world!
- Jody D.

This is amazing with fresh berries! Thank you so much for a great product!
- J. B

- Leslie F.

Some moms felt the texture was a bit tough to scoop, but enjoyed the unique nutty taste.
- Melissa M.

Would have been nice to have some “fruity” flavor options.
- Michele G.

We were all surprised at how delicious this was! All the kids loved it and so did the parents! We are purchasing more! Thanks so much!
- Dee S.

The texture is the closest to dairy of any of the non dairy frozen desserts I’ve tried.
- Valarie V.

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