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Want to uncover a delicious dairy-free alternative to traditional coffee creamers? Look no further than So Delicious® Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamers! Made with organic coconuts, these creamers are dairy-free, gluten-free, and are Non-GMO Project Verified. Their organic coconut milk delivers more iron and vitamin B3 than traditional milk, which helps keep your metabolism in top shape. Plus, not only is this line of creamers dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO—it’s also available in three scrumptious flavors: Original, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla. You can pick up this tasty product in either pint or quart-size, so no matter how large or small your family is, you’ll always have enough for all the coffee lovers in your household!

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Where to Purchase

So Delicious® Dairy Free products are available at natural food stores like Whole Foods and increasingly at other grocery stores like Safeway, Kroger, and Stop & Shop. To find products in your area, visit their store locator at


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Thank you so much for this opportunity. Our group loves Organic items. It was a bonus that this was dairy & gluten free!
- Jessica F.

The flavor is just not for everyone, for the Mom’s who were lactose intolerant they said the taste was fair.
- Michele S.

Delicious!!!! Many of our group members have switched their families to this creamer! We were happily surprised at the delicious taste. Thank you for always making incredible products! Our family’s thank you!!
- Cherries M.

This was definitely a big hit with my group! Coconut has proved to be a fantastic food to incorporate for better health all around and my whole group enjoyed the So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Creamers.
- Michelle C.

Our group loves So Delicious products and we enjoyed Dairy Free Coconut Creamers but couldn’t find them at any of our grocery stores.
- Dawn W.

We all had an amazing time and loved the product. I brought my k-cup machine with us and all the mom’s had coffee and loved the creamer and being able to relax with coffee. This is a new tradition in our group.
- Nicole S.

One main reason some moms wouldnt buy the creamer is the price and shelf life. They loved the ice cream and other products more.
- Nikki U.

The cocoaccinos were delicious! I like to add black coffee to them because they were a little too sweet and creamy on their own. The non-refrigerated box of creamer was ok, but the main complaint in the group was that it did not lighten the coffee and tea enough; the box might be good to have on hand for baking or emergencies, but would not be out first choice. We also bought the refrigerated plain and vanilla creamers and those were a hit!
- Lind A.

What my group enjoyed the most was the fact that we could not only use it to enhance our drinks, but it worked amazing for baking. I made a vanilla cake to serve at the gathering using the creamer and it was a major hit!!! Thank You so much for giving us a chance to be a part of this experience
- Fatima H.

My group really enjoyed the Dairy Free Coconut creamers. The only issue was we had a difficult time finding a store that carried it.
- Cheri L.

One of the moms in my group felt the creamer was a little thin, but really liked the flavor. I was only able to find French vanilla, hazelnut and plain to share. I would be interested to know if there were other flavor varieties.
- Kelly H.

I really loved sharing the samples with the moms group because all the moms loved the flavors and the uses of the creamers. They couldn’t believe a dairy free and organic creamer could taste so good. A lot of the moms bought the product after the sample event and they all really loved the taste and nutrition.
- Stefanie S.

The members loved the creamer, they wished there were more flavors and that it was not as expensive. Otherwise they love the creamer and all the good things it comes with :D.
- Elizabeth B.

Wish it was available in more flavors.
- Tammy L.

This is not a product that I would go and buy just to try (more expensive than what we normally use) and you gave us the opportunity to try it, we like, and would spend the extra bucks to purchase! Thank you, you now have new customers!
- Julie B.

The group liked the creamer. However, most of the group was happy with the creamer that they currently buy and due to the price difference, they were not inspired to change to So Delicious.
- Abby D.

The creamer didn’t have much taste. It didn’t add much flavor the the coffee.
- Amanda F.

Moms were very surprised with the taste and how great the creamers work to froth to use for lattes and cappuccinos! They are all now considering going completely dairy free because of the variety of products So Delicious has to offer!!
- Yamilis P.

The sampling was awesome and the moms really loved the flavors and were surprised that the coconut flavor didn’t take over. The creaminess was there, too. The gift provided (cococcino latte) was so delicious and I will definitely be buying more of those and even trying the mocha flavor too.
- Toby M.

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