So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert Pints

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Are you searching for a better dessert for your family? Look no further! So Delicious® Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Desserts are 100% plant-based, dairy-free, and are Non-GMO Project verified and contain no artificial sweeteners or trans fats. With more than a dozen gluten-free flavors to choose from, including the world’s only dairy-free, gluten-free Cookie Dough frozen dessert, there’s SO much to love about So Delicious® Dairy Free!

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Dairy freeGluten freeNo animal byproductsNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial sweetenersNo hydrogenated oilsNo trans fatNon-GMOOrganic

Where to Purchase

So Delicious® Dairy Free products are available at natural food stores like Whole Foods and increasingly at other grocery stores like Safeway, Kroger, and Stop & Shop. To find products in your area, visit their store locator at


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We had a wonderful time trying these! They were absolutely delicious and wonderful for the parents in the group who have lactose intolerances in the family. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
- Clare B.

I was disappointed that the flavor was not what I had imagined that it would be. I was expecting more.
- Virginia V.

This was a hit with the group and we enjoyed it. Many said they would recommend it and the kids asked for seconds…as well as the moms. Thank you for the opportunity.
- Kendall Court-Champion

Our Mom’s Group loved sampling So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Frozen Dessert Pints and will definitely be adding it to their monthly grocery list. The flavor was a huge success.
- Joana M.

I was skeptical about a milk free ice cream, but was pleasantly surprised at the rich taste. My mom’s group loved it and the kids were looking for seconds.
- Kalpana B.

Overall most of us found So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Frozen Dessert Pints to be good and better than we had anticipated. The three flavors I picked up were French Vanilla, Chocolate & Mint Chip. Majority of us rated Mint Chip our favorite and then it was about a tie for Chocolate & Vanilla second. We would have loved to try more flavors! My grocery store only carried a handful of flavors so I didn’t have many options to choose from. Online they list so many! I think the Mint Chip was among our favorite because of it’s texture. There was more of a coconut aftertaste with the Chocolate & Vanilla flavors, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. But had we tried the Mint Chip not knowing it was made from coconut milk we probably wouldn’t have ever guessed. Overall my group really enjoyed this sampling! I think when it comes to buying ice cream, most of us look for good deals (unless any of us have dietary restrictions). So considering the price of a pint of So Delicious might be $5 and a 1.5 quart of regular ice cream for $2…it’s kind of hard to pass up that $2 ice cream. Many of my friends and I are always searching for good deals so if the price was a bit lower on the So Delicious, we would be more inclined to buying it.
- Sami B.

I was able to get a wide variety of So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Frozen Dessert Pints for my group to try and everyone loved being able to taste test a bunch of different flavors and varieties – gluten free, non-gluten free, chocolate-based, and vanilla-based! We all loved being able to indulge yet still know we were eating high quality, non-GMO, non-dairy ingredients! We loved the taste of the coconut frozen treats. We just wished the non-sale price was a bit less expensive but we were grateful that we were able to find So Delicious products on sale from time to time.
- Christa P.

As a Wellness Coach I’m always looking for new healthy products to contribute to making parents transition towards a healthy lifestyle a success. This product was pretty awesome and the opportunity to try it with my group was such an honor.
- Felicia K.

It’s very delicious, just the price is a little to high for some of my mom’s in the group.
- Deslin C.

Many of us in this group keep strict kosher. One of the dietary prohibitions is eating dairy with meat. After eating meat, one has to wait a minimum of 3 hours before he/she can eat dairy. This could be difficult especially when you crave ice cream after eating meat. Most ice creams are dairy, so your product is a perfect solution!!!
- Sarit E.

During the meeting, my group expressed that although they enjoyed the product, it was just too expensive to purchase regularly. They would only purchase it if it was on sale or if they had a coupon to yield down the price.
- Reanne G.

Thanks for allowing us to explore the so delicious line. I wish there were more options available in larger size buckets like the soy frozen desserts. Great Facebook party too!
- Eli T.

I had to look for the So Delicious pints in different stores because they were not in stock and only a few flavors available but glad I found the vanilla one because I also put fruit and chocolate to pair with the ice cream. I got 2 large tubs of vanilla and 1 small chocolate. All bought at three different stores. Once at the party it was really easy to pour with a big spoon. It was amazing learning about all the products from So Delicious. I am planning on buying other products like the shelf safe milk.
- Jay A.

We really liked the creamy texture. The Almond Dream brand that many of the mom’s usually buy has an unpleasant grittier texture. The stores that the mom’s usually shop at do carry So Delicious, but not in all the available flavors. They also do not carry the larger quart size. The strawberry flavor was a popular request also and I could only find the neapolitan mix.
- Elaine C.

We liked the variety of flavors that are available, however no matter the flavor, they all tasted like coconut. Most of the kids loved it, but some of the adults weren’t big coconut fans.
- Carla B.

We absolutely loved the Chocolate Dairy Free Pint, you could not even tell it was lactose free. The vanilla one was pretty delicious as well.
- Valentina A.

I would like to thank So Delicious for allowing me to have a sampling at home. I know so many people with lactose intolerance so it allowed them to try ice cream without the after effect!
- Ana V.

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