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When it comes to proper hydration for kids, the regular go-tos like sports drinks and pediatric solutions often contain excess sugar. SOS Hydration teamed up with Paw Patrol to create a better-tasting, better-for-you hydration drink to help kids combat dehydration and maintain energy levels throughout the day. SOS Kids works by activating the body’s natural sodium/glucose cotransport system, which then helps to accelerate hydration at three times the rate of plain water alone.

SOS Kids Hydration, which is geared for infants to age 12, are powder sticks in great-tasting flavors, which contain only 10 calories and three grams of sugar per serving. SOS Kids are convenient for on-the-go adventures: Simply mix one SOS Kids stick with 8 ounces of water, and enjoy! Plus, your kids get the added benefit of a special formula created just for them: vitamins and minerals were added to the already popular SOS formula with kids’ nutrition in mind.

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All natural ingredientsBacked by third-party researchGluten freeHydrates 3x faster than waterKeto certifiedLight tasteLow sugar - three grams per stickMagnesiumNon-GMOOnly 10 calories per stickSafe and effectiveVitamin AVitamin CZinc

Where to Purchase

SOS Kids Hydration is available to purchase online at  It can also be found at Walmart, CVS, Whole Foods Market, and Kroger, and online at,, and To find a store near you, click here.

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