Sprout Red Fruit Beet & Berry Organic Crispy Chews

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When you have a toddler, it’s crucial to always keep healthy snacks on hand. Sprout® makes it easy with their premium organic foods and snacks for babies and toddlers that help parents raise healthy, adventurous eaters. Sprout's products are designed to expand your child’s palate beyond sweet and establish a love of nutritious foods early on. Made with a full serving of real fruits and vegetables, their Red Fruit Beet & Berry Organic Crispy Chews™ are free of gluten, added sugar, preservatives, and anything artificial. The crispy, chewy texture is enjoyable for toddlers to eat and perfect for little fingers learning to pick up and self-feed.

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Full serving of fruit and vegetablesGluten freeNational Parenting Product Award WinnerNo added sugarNo artificial colorsNo artificial flavorsNo preservativesNon-GMOUSDA Certified Organic

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Sprout Red Fruit Beet & Berry Organic Crispy Chews are available to purchase on Amazon. To buy online, click here or visit momsmeet.link/sprout.

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