Stonyfield YoToddler Yogurt

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Making sure your picky eater actually eats right can be tough. YoToddler Yogurt makes it a little easier. This organic whole milk yogurt has the protein, calcium and omega-3 DHA toddlers need to grow up healthy, with a taste they really love.

This exciting sample opportunity comes to Mom Ambassadors as part of the Stonyfield Sampling Center. During 2012, we’ll continue to invite and accept more Mom Ambassadors to try YoBaby and YoToddler yogurt. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn more about Stonyfield during educational Facebook parties and webinars, plus get the scoop on the importance of organics for kids and families.

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CalciumOmega-3OrganicProteinVitamin DZinc

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Stonyfield Organic products are available at grocery stores nationwide. To find a retailer near you, visit


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