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Does your family stick to the “apple a day” policy? If you’re a fan of sweet, crisp apples, the new SugarBee® variety may become your favorite. SugarBee owes its origin story to one very special honeybee. On a particularly sunny day several years back, that honeybee carried pollen from a mystery blossom to a Honeycrisp blossom. The result is the new juicy and sweet SugarBee apple, with notes of honey, caramel, and molasses, and just a touch of acidity.


Try the SugarBee apple whole or sliced as a healthy snack, or bring out its delicious flavor profile in one of SugarBee’s recipes (found on their website), such as Fried Apple Hand Pies, Apple Pork Roast, or Apple Cheddar Biscuits. With so many ideas to try, you and your family can enjoy lots of together-time creating (and eating) healthy, apple-inspired meals!

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and molassescaramelCholesterol freeFat freeGood source of fiberGrown by fourth- and fifth-generation farmersJuicy and sweetNaturally created by honeybeesNotes of honeyPart of the Honeycrisp familySodium freeSweet and crisp

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