Sugarbreak Kids Resist, Sugarbreak Kids Stabilize, Sugarbreak Kids Reduce

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Is your child a sugar lover or a little “carbotarian”? Help them beat sugar, with Sugarbreak! Using safe, natural, and scientifically-tested ingredients, Sugarbreak Kids has developed three products to help manage your child’s sugar consumption, promote healthy blood sugar levels and support their overall health.

Sugar break Kids Resist is a tasty, quick-dissolving berry-mint strip that helps your kid eat less sugar by blocking the taste of sugar in sweet foods and curbing cravings for up to an hour. The strip will taste like a treat, they won’t even miss candy!

Sugarbreak Kids Stabilize is a pre-meal, berry flavored gummy that blocks excess carbs and sugars, helping to minimize your child’s post-meal sugar spikes and crashes, keep them fuller longer and support a healthy weight.

Sugarbreak Kids Reduce is a natural, apple-cinnamon flavor gummy taken daily to support healthy blood sugar levels & insulin function, and a strong immune system.

Brought to you by a team of doctors, nutritionists and parents, Sugarbreak Kids products are GRAS and GMP Certified, Allergen 8 Free, Gluten-Free, and contain Non-GMO ingredients & 0g sugar. Make healthy blood sugar and eating habits easy, with Sugarbreak Kids!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your healthcare provider prior to use if your child is under medical care for any condition or on medication.

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Allergen 8 freeBlocks excess carbs and sugar*Curbs sugar cravings*Gluten freeGMP certifiedGRAS certifiedNo artificial flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNon-GMOPromotes healthy blood sugar levels*Sugar freeSupports a healthy immune system

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Sugarbreak Kids Resist, Stabilize, and Reduce are available to purchase in-store and online at Target, on Amazon, and at To find a Target store near you, visit If you purchase this product at Target, please be sure to leave a review on


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