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Do you ever wish you could bottle up a daily dose of organic, essential nutrients into a tasty, eco-friendly, and convenient on-the-go beverage at an affordable price? Thanks to Suja Juice, it’s already been done. Suja is a line of Organic, Non-GMO, and Cold-Pressured Juice that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Refreshing, delicious, and unique, Suja contains vital nutrients, like amino acids, antioxidants, and proteins to help fuel your body all day long. Suja contains up to 30% less sugar than other leading premium juice brands and is the first Organic, Non GMO, Cold Pressured juice available at Walmart. Drink up!

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Where to Purchase

Suja is available to purchase at most Walmart stores. To find a retailer near you, please visit their store locator at and be sure to select all Suja products before performing your search.


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Our group enjoyed sampling the Suja juice. Both the kids and moms really enjoyed the flavors, varieties, and taste. The moms really liked that it was available at so many locations.
- Lorianne K.

Though it may be healthy, the taste is often “weird” and the product is way too expensive compared to other similar options. – Nisha S.
- Nisha S.

My moms group really enjoyed trying out our free samples of Suja. The flavors and texture were a big hit.
- Anna M.

Most flavors were great. The green flavored one was awful! No one in my group took more than a sip. The other flavors, however were excellent!
- Christina C.

The group loved the mango magic and the Berry Goodness, even though the sugar was high. We liked Uber greens; but the Mighty Greens we didn’t at all, nobody. We loved the lower price at Walmart. These are great to grab when we are out and about.
- Belinda P.

Their was very limited flavor choices available where I shop and the ones that were available the kids and woman did not like (mighty greens, sweet beets). The ones they were interested to try (carrot crush, twilight protein, berry nana, berry goodness, etc) we were unable to find.
- Veronica K.

The different varieties of Suja juice was a hit with the moms. The only feedback I received is that they hesitated buying the juice in bulk for fear of it going bad. So they picked up only as many as they needed every time they went shopping. But that just means that the product is that much more fresh with no preservatives, which is good.
- Alice G.

Love, Love, Love, Love. Does that cover it? Some of my group members are the watchers to see and let us know if this goes on sale anywhere in town.
- Deanna D.

Unfortunately, my group didn’t care for the taste and texture of the samples we were able to find locally.
- Jennifer J.

Amazing beverage! Tasted so fresh and healthy.
- Chrissie G.

It tasted good but it is way too expensive. Even with the $1 coupon.
- Teresa N.

I really enjoyed the suja products, and the people in my group loved them as well. There were enough free product coupons that I was able to get all the flavors for everyone to test out and was able to have some for myself as well as at home.
- Sarah F.

It was decent. The fruit flavors like mango were the best, and the green with celery and cucumber was not good. One mama in our group did like it though.
- Jacqueline S.

The banana taste was too strong and overpowering in several of the flavors we tested. We would have liked the juice a lot more if the banana flavor was dialed back.
- Kimberly P.

I had a fun time trying this product for the 1st time with my children and friends, it’s delicious and we didn’t miss the excess sugar or fake flavors at all! We will be purchasing more soon.
- Charleen

I’m really glad I got to try Suja. I love that it has no added sugar and is cold pressed. However some of the combination of flavors just didn’t taste very good.
- Bonnie W.

Really liked the fresh flavors, you could taste all of the ingredients.
- Michelle C.

Taste is fantastic; price is not, unless you have a coupon. It was also difficult to find – for our sampling we went to 2 different stores over 15 miles away.
- Robin S.

We gave the kids a sample and they loved it. Something with veggies and fruit, that is good for a 4 year-old, and that they love, is always a plus!
- Erika H.

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