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With today’s busy lifestyle, families tend to face many challenges throughout the day when it comes to eating right. Sunsweet helps make healthy eating easier by offering a full range of delicious dried fruits and juices, including their new Sunsweet Smart Juice. Deliciously satisfying with only 35 calories per serving and 60 percent less sugar than other leading juice cocktails, Smart Juice is a good source of fiber and vitamins A and C. Smart Juice is available in three refreshing flavors that the whole family will love—Cherry Pomegranate, Cranberry Grape, and Mango Pineapple.

FiberGluten freeNo high-fructose corn syrupVitamin AVitamin C

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You can find Sunsweet Smart Juice at Schnucks in the St. Louis, Missouri area, or at Publix Super Markets in Florida. Sunsweet’s other products can be found natonwide and online at


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Sunsweet smart juice is a mixture of plum and grape juice with an impressive 3 g of probiotic fiber per 8 oz. serving. This naturally helps to regulate your digestive tract by stimulating good bacteria (similar to eating yogurt). Each serving also gives you 120% of Vitamin C, so I wasn’t missing out on the health benefits by skipping my beloved orange juice. Unlike prune juice that’s thick and gritty, Sunsweet Smart juice is regular juice with no pulp. It tastes NOTHING like prunes, so my group members actually enjoyed drinking it daily.
- Kenny B.

We had trouble finding any flavor other then prune.
- Autumn

Both kids and adults loved both the juices and dried fruit. The mango was said to be a bit too sweet for the kiddos.
- Jacquelyn L.

Loved the amazing taste and flavor, everyone in my group was very happy and loved it! Thanks for letting us discover the amazing flavor.
- Hazell P.

We were all very highly impressed with the quality of the juices and the low calorie content. Actually, I was quite shocked at how delicious the juices are with such low calories. We enjoyed sampling the drinks, as well as the dried fruits.
- Rebecca L.

Most of the moms felt the taste was too artificial (from the sweetener).
- Kristyna B

I would like to personally say that after the sampling was over, my daughter (who doesn’t drink much juice and usually nothing other than apple juice specifically) asked me to buy her this. Even my husband has been caught drinking it too. With such low sugar I don’t mind keeping this in the house for everyone to drink.
- Jennifer R.

We all thought it was very very good, just a little on the sweet side. And we would have liked more fruit juice with less other stuff that waters it down, making it only 10% juice!
- Karen M.

Mango Pineapple was the preferred flavor.
- Mindy M.

Most of the girls that sampled this juice didn’t like the texture so much but they did like the flavor.
- Amber R.

Everyone especially loved the cherry pomegranate. Couldn’t believe it tasted so good and it was healthy with no aftertaste.
- Rosemary O.

We all really loved trying the Sunsweet Smart juices!! The flavors were incredible and we are so happy to see healthy juice options that are truly good for our bodies! Thank you!!
- Kariel R.

We loved the Mango Pineapple flavor.
- Brandi G.

A few ladies thought that the juice was too sweet. The kids enjoyed it. The moms also were happy about the lower sugar, and fiber in each juice. I loved it!
- Belinda P.

Most of the members do not use products with artificial sweeteners. Although the juice tasted good, they don’t like feeding it to their children.
- Natalie J.

It opens our eyes to a great new nutritional drink, a fruit supplement for our families that is healthy and affordable.
- Bonnie M.

I was really surprised with how amazing the juices tasted with such low calories and sugar content.
- Cara R.

I am loving the juice and have gone back and purchased more already. The flavor is excellent. It was harder to find in the store, as it was not next to the Sunsweet Prune juice that I buy for my parents.
- Brenda B.

Most were hesitant to try it since it made them think of prunes lol, but every single person loved it. It was a great experience and delicious!
- Misty L.

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