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Sometimes you just can’t help but crave that soda taste, but you want to avoid all that artificial sugar, so what do you do? Turn to SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia™ Sweet Drops™ Cola. It’s a liquid stevia that turns traditional sparkling water into a drink as crave-able as cola! For every ounce of sparkling water, add two drops of Cola Sweet Drops to create the taste you love – without any calories, carbohydrates or dangerous artificial sweeteners! What are you waiting for? Ditch your sugar-packed soda and instead opt for something smart that’s still sweet–Cola Sweet Drops!

Gluten freeNaturalNo alcoholNo aspartameNo carbohydratesNo methanolNo sucraloseNon-GMOOrganicSugar freeZero calorie

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SweetLeaf® Water Drops™ are available for purchase online at ShopSweetLeaf.com, and at many natural food and grocery stores across the country.


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We really adored this product and the kids went ape for it. None of the moms in my group allow soda in the home even though we all grew up drinking it. For this reason we all still love soda — comfort foods! — and we were SO excited to discover this tastes exactly the same (without that harsh, artificial aftertaste) but with great health benefits!
- Liz A.

Even in carbonated water, the flavor still reminded us all of flat cola and we just couldn’t get past the taste.
- Amber S.

My group found the packaging great. Purse & pocket size was all I had. Finding an alternative to high calorie cola was a hit.
- Cathy T.

Overall our group was very impressed with the SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops Cola. We love the taste and the fact it’s organic. The children enjoyed it also.
- Garnett L.

I love how Sweet Leaf was easy to use, convenient & great-tasting!! Thank you for the chance to share this w/ my Moms Meet Group!!
- Jessica D.

Most of the women in my group enjoyed it and was excited to go and buy more for themselves and their families!
- Naomi D.

This was one of the best. It really fit a need in my group because we have some who have been addicted to soda drinks and who have been looking for an alternative. When I served the Stevia Sweet Drops Cola with sparkling water, ice and a lemon if desired, they said they would switch over and try this! That’s exciting and healthy.
- Debra P.

Most of the moms just did not like the flavor of the drops. It would have been better in a fruit flavor or something.
- Daija R.

My group of ladies really enjoyed SweetLeaf, they are a good and honest company. We really didn’t enjoy the Cola flavoring though. It has a very strange taste to it and most of us don’t care for soda, 100% of us in my group don’t drink soda at all! But we ALL said that we’d purchase the non-flavored SweetLeaf product.
- Abbie C.

We were all pleasantly surprised that it tasted so great. We are definitely going to try more flavors. We LOVE that there is a healthier alternative to soda.
- Amanda G.

Our members did not really enjoy the taste of the Cola drops as much as we had enjoyed the Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coconut flavors. We were able to put the other flavors in our coffee and hot cereal. The cola flavor was different tasting and most of the members indicated that they would rather drink a pop if they were wanting a ‘cola’ type drink.
- Robin T.

The flavors could be a little stronger.
- Eva F.

It had a small diet cola aftertaste. It was really good though. My whole group really enjoyed it.
- Mary K.

Everyone thought that this was a great alternative to regular cola. It tasted good, without the calories and all the artificial flavors and ingredients.
- Brandi H.

It was recommended to try the Cola Drops in sparkling water. At our meeting, that is how we sampled the drops. None of the moms really liked the taste, but the kids did drink it. After the meeting several of the moms did try the drops in hot and iced tea and were much happier with the flavor.
- Bethany W.

I didn’t care for the flavor to me it was bitter.
- Erin C.

We felt it tasted good in things like coffee but some moms didn’t like it alone.
- Jessica B.

We had an amazing time. It was such a pleasure to be able to sample and experience the SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia sweet Drops Cola. It was seriously an indulgence, especially that yummy Cola flavor. It was all in all a great experience, and we were so thankful to be able to take part in it.
- Chloe L.

I really did not like the flavor of these drops but I loved the idea!
- Alana G.

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