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The happy egg co. believes that happy hens lay the best eggs. That’s why, unlike cage free hens that never leave the barn, and even other free range hens who have very limited access to the outdoors, the happy egg co.’s hens spend their days roaming outdoors on 8 acres of land, the equivalent to six football fields. Here the hens enjoy flapping their wings, pecking, playing, and being allowed to exhibit their natural behaviors. The happy egg co. is the only national free range brand and the first free range brand to be certified by the American Humane Association. They set the gold standard for true free range egg production by providing a minimum of 21.8 square feet of space per hen, opposed to the current free range standard of only 2 square feet of space per hen. When you spot the happy egg co.’s distinctive sunshine-yellow carton, you can rest assured that the delicious eggs inside came from happy, humanely-raised hens.

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Free rangeHumaneNo antibioticsNo hormones

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I loved the sample kit that arrived at my doorstep. I don’t think I ever got more coupons than this. I shared them all with many of my friends, who now attest to the quality of Happy Egg Co. eggs. All my recipes are lighter and tastier. I can feel the difference in the quality and taste. Thanks Mom’s Meet for this wonderful opportunity.
- Celia J.

These eggs were available at only 1 local area and it’s not a place we shop regularly. I wish they were available in more stores.
- Michelle S.

Every sampler loved the taste and enjoyed the free range Happy eggs, bacon cheddar deviled eggs recipe. They each loved the coupons to bring home.
- Nance L.

Before we had our Moms group meeting, I passed out some of the eggs so the moms would try them. They all remarked on how bright orange the yolks were, the eggs were much larger, and how much better they tasted than just your normal store bought eggs. All of the moms were very impressed by the eggs, and liked how they hens were raised cage free and were able to be outdoors doing what chickens should be doing.
- Tina B.

I honestly didn’t know anything about eggs other than just buying what was on sale, not taste or how they were created. Receiving this product to share with my MOM group was an eye opener of what we not only eat, but what we feed our children. We all definitely loved the taste and love the convenience of our store having it. You just earned yourself a lot of new customers!!! Thank you so much for allowing our group to review this product.
- Tracy P.

We loved the eggs and will now know to look for free-range, not just cage-free on our eggs. Only minor issue is that happy eggs are not available in every grocery store. Some of the group members have to travel to a farther away supermarket in order to find them.
- Katie H.

My group loved the packaging almost as much as the taste of the eggs.
- Amber M.

Taste of better quality and worth every penny!
- Ashley G.

We tried Happy Eggs next to our store brand. You could tell there were differences in every aspect. Color, size, taste, consistency etc. We really enjoyed the eggs!
- Tiffany S.

Love that a company has love and compassion for their animals and their product. Wish it was available in more stores. They were hard to locate.
- Jamie C.

They are available at our local ShopRite so many of the members were familiar with the brand and several had tried it. There was some confusion on free range, organic, vegetarian fed and such. We discussed the differences.
- Betsy K.

We wish the eggs were available at more stores. We had a heck of a time finding them… But we loved them when we finally did!
- Lisa S.

A lot of moms had not heard of these and were surprised they were sold at a big local neighborhood supermarket we all go to frequently. We learned a lot from this brand and I know for sure many moms have already purchased these eggs. I know, personally, I will be buying these for my family from now on.
- Michele M.

We did a blind test, regular eggs vs Happy Eggs, most of the ladies could not tell a difference between the eggs. One person liked the Happy Eggs, she said they tasted fresher.
- Alice L.

Visual difference blew everyone away. The taste, knowing the facts of the eggs & what we are feeding our families really makes a difference. Some didn’t like that the price is higher than buying from a farmer at the farmer’s market, but would still purchase Happy Eggs.
- Tina M.

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