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The best sweetness comes from nature. Truvía® sweetener is natural, zero or reduced calorie sweetness born from the leaves of the stevia plant. Try Truvía Natural Sweetener to add the perfect zero-calorie sweetness to all of your favorites, from that morning cup of coffee or tea, to yogurt, salad dressings and cocktails. For your family-famous baked treats, try Truvía Baking Blend and Truvía Brown Sugar Blend to get the same sweetness, browning and texture you love about sugar and brown sugar, but with 75% fewer calories from sugar. All while keeping the tastiness of your recipes that stands the test of time.

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Our group had a wonderful time getting together and baking with our children and friends. They truly liked the brown sugar and baking sugar. The baking sugar is much lighter than normal sugar, and we were able to use less than what was recommended by the actual recipe.
- Deborah B.

Versatile. Used it to bake, sweeten drinks, and put on cereal with the group.
- Karen S.

The group liked Truvia better than others such as Splenda, and Sweet and Low; due to the taste and natural aspect. Though, price is a bit high for them.
- Brandy Y.

My group loved how it tasted like real sugar. There is no after taste and you can bake with it.
- Renee J.

My group loved the products. I made cookies with the baking blends and used the sweeteners for coffee and tea. All of the mom’s in my group said they would use the coupons. They loved it.
- Roberta M.

We all loved the Truvia sweetener in baking and in teas and coffee drinks. In summer we hope to enjoy it with iced teas and coffee drinks. It has a delicious rich flavor.
- Eileen B.

My group of moms had a great time making cookies and hot chocolate with Truvia! Most of the moms agreed that the sweetener by itself or sprinkled on fruit didn’t taste very good, but the baking ingredients tasted great! We couldn’t tell the difference between regular sugar and Truvia! We all would buy the brown sugar and baking blend that we sampled at the meeting. However only a few of the moms would buy the Truvia sweetener.
- Paige D.

We had a great time making hot cocoa and tea while enjoying chocolate chip cookies. The kids LOVED the cookies!
- Melissa B.

I loved the carrot cake recipe that was on the back of the sugar. My group fell in love with it. Our kids could not tell the difference.
- Tiffany B.

Didn’t affect the taste of the food but did leave a little aftertaste if sampled alone. Was a lot of fun sampling with the group.
- Aisling H.

Most of my group members didn’t have a problem with Truvia, they just felt like a real organic sugar is more cost effective; and that Truvia isn’t a necessity, because the calorie content of the sugar is fine. They do however think it would be wonderful for a diabetic or someone who couldn’t have regular sugar.
- Chrissy L.

We were very happy to review this product. I had never used Truvia Baking Blend and made cookies and banana bread for our Moms Meet get together. I found it was very easy to substitute Truvia for regular sugar and that making the switch did not affect taste at all. In the past I had used Truvia to sweeten drinks, like coffee or tea, but will now use it in baking since it’s so easy to make the healthy substitution.
- Beth H.

Using the Truvia in baked goods was a great experience, I also used the truvia in oatmeal, on top of grapefruit, and some moms used it in coffee at our gathering. The consensus was that it does not have an aftertaste, even in these settings. Most moms thought they would use it more for these purposes than actual baking.
- Laura C.

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