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The natural way to enjoy this summer is with a new kind of gelato that was inspired by Italy, but perfected by Turkey Hill. Made the old-world Italian way—simply prepared with no preservatives—Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato contains just a few natural ingredients, including real cream, pure sugar, fresh fruit purees, and rich cocoa. Available in eight delectable flavors, Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato is a naturally simple treat to kick-back and indulged yourself or to enjoy with the whole family.

NaturalNo preservatives

Where to Purchase

Turkey Hill products are sold at select grocers and convenience stores throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast. To find a retailer near you, visit: turkeyhill.com/products/where-to-buy-turkey-hill.


Reviews from our moms

My mom group and I had a delicious experience with Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato. Some of my group was amazed how Turkey Hill could make ice cream more creamy and dreamy than the original Turkey Hill ice cream! We really love that it’s made with whole ingredients and we can add it to our list of gelato brands. The kids loved it. The moms loved it! It was a big cold hit, especially during the city’s heat wave! My group members are so excited to purchase this ice cream from now on.
- Aishah P.

We were sooo beyond happy with the product. We used the sampling after a birthday lunch and tried all different toppings with it. Some people liked mixing different flavors. I was amazed that we got to try each flavor, and how many there were! It was a very generous tasting! So glad I was chosen!
- Colleen S.

I had an overwhelming response to this share. We had a huge pool party and everyone (over 50 people!) got to taste the Turkey Hill Gelato! Everyone LOVED the natural ingredients, and indulgent taste and yummy candy chunks in many of the flavors. Hazelnut seemed to be the favorite with chocolate peanut butter as a close second.
- Heidi S.

I wish there were more “traditional” flavor varieties such as pistachio available.
- Collene B.

This gelato was so smooth, it goes down easy, and the container is a perfect size for the whole family to enjoy.
- Sharon D.

We loved all the flavors. This is one of the better gelato ice creams we have tasted. It is rich in flavor and love the simple ingredients.
- Sunny L.

The only flavor that wasn’t popular was the mango peach, it seemed to leave a bit of a bitter after taste to some of my group.
- Monica E.

The next day after our sampling I had kids coming over asking if I had any of the ‘good stuff ‘:).
- Samantha

My friends loved it, I did have a problem convincing them it had all natural ingredients because it tasted so good. They felt it had to have something artificial, so I had to show the ingredients over and over. The only problem some had was the price, they felt it was a little to high.
- Dianna A.

It was wonderful! Absolutely everyone in my group was delighted with flavor, texture, and price. Thank you for this opportunity!
- Cheryl K.

Seemed a little grainy to some.
- Mandie L.

We really enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter and salted caramel varieties. The mint chocolate chip had a very strange texture (almost gritty). I’m not sure if we got a bad container or if it really is supposed to be that way.
- Dawn B.

I absolutely loved this sampling and this product. We have bought this several times after the moms meet party!!
- Jessica P.

One of the best experiences from moms meet yet!
- Joelle T.

We had 10 moms and 3 dads that tagged along. ALL of them loved the gelato and had never tried it before. The most popular flavor was surprisingly the chocolate peanut butter. Most people wanted to try the peach mango; but I couldn’t find it in my stores, so they said that is the flavor they would try to find with their coupons.
- Phnewhula F.

We didn’t like the fact that the gelato didn’t have the creamy consistency like other gelato.
- Yazmin

Amazing product! We all loved it! Best gelato we have ever tried.
- Chrissie G.

The chocolate peanut butter and salted caramel were the favorites, excellent. Tastiest sampling yet.
- Darcey K.

To be perfectly honest, it did not taste much different then regular ice cream. but i do love the easy to read and pronounce ingredients.
- Emma A.

Excellent flavors, texture and taste.
- Corrine B.

I think this was one of the best samplings we had so far with Moms Meet. My group was highly impressed with the quality of the product’s ingredients and the great taste.
- Tina B.

We had a wonderful Mom’s Meet group and sampled many flavors. The group member’s really liked the texture and taste of the Turkey Hill Gelato and I know they will be using their coupons in the near future.
- Petea O.

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