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Building strong bones early on can be the best way to support bone health later in life. Calcium and vitamin D are two key nutrients for healthy bones and teeth.* Vitamin D also helps support immune-system health.* Tapioca– and pectin-based U-Cubes™ Calcium with D3 Gummies are a delicious way to help get these nutrients every day – including the pediatrician-recommended 600 IU of vitamin D3 (per 4 gummies).1 Plus, U-Cubes™ Calcium with D3 is made the Solgar way. That means it’s crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and rigorously tested for safety and potency… but never animal tested. Solgar® U-Cubes™ Calcium with D3 Gummies are also non-GMO and contain no artificial colors or flavors, gluten, wheat, or dairy. The result? A yummy gummy that your kids will love and you can trust.

CalciumDairy freeGluten freeNever animal testedNo artificial colors or flavorsNon-GMOVitamin D3

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Solgar products are sold at independent health food stores, Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts, select Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Fairway. To find a Solgar retailer near you, visit


More reviews from our moms

“My kids had a tough time eating their huge calcium tablet everyday, but they love to eat the Solgar U Cubes without any problem! They loved the tastes of the different flavored ones.”
- Dorey D.

“The group over all loved these gummies. My kids want them in the house full-time, that makes me a happy mama knowing my kids are getting D3! This has been a great addition!”
- Jennifer D.

“Little pricey, but overall good product. Love that our kids like them.”
- Jessica B.

“The kids loved the flavor and texture.”
- Stefanie A.

“The taste and texture of the gummies was suprisingly good. Normally you think of a calcium vitamin to be chalky and have a paste-like consistancy. These dummies were actually good and the kids loved them.”
- April E.

“The kids enjoyed the taste of the gummies, the moms just thought it was a lot of gummies in each serving, and then we’d still have to give a multivitamin to them. This would be a good option though for kids with a calcium deficiency, which our kids don’t.”
- Angela M.

“Although, many kids didn’t care for the taste, they ate them without too much of a fuss. The parents were the happy ones, due to the ingredients/nutritional value.”
- Nicole M.

“The kids went crazy over the pink lemonade flavor. Also, the texture was so much better than a regular gummy. It didn’t stick in their teeth like normal gummies, it dissolved much easier and was really easy to chew. The sprinkle of sugar on the outside was mentioned by the kids as a cool touch!”
- Misty M.

“We were surprised at the flavors! None of us have seen pink lemonade as a flavor in kids gummies before and the kids (and we) loved it!”
- Jennifer W.

“The kids loved the taste and texture. We did not have to remind them to take this every day. They did it themselves as it was like a dessert for them.”
- Padmini R.

“Kids loved them, parents loved the nutrition label.”
- Chris L.

We absolutely loved these gummies! The taste, texture, and size were fantastic. The moms all agreed that we would enjoy taking these. The best part was that our kids really genuinely enjoyed them. They said it was like having a treat not a vitamin. Mine liked them so much they asked for them every morning. That never happens! All natural, healthy & tasty is a win for us all.
- Sara M.

The taste, flavor, and texture are excellent. Not chalky or hard to chew.
- Yukio S.

Surprised by how much they did not taste like vitamins. That’s a good thing!
- Sheena M.

Excellent flavor, no aftertaste, and can be used by kids and adults.
- Naylimar R.

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