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A healthy, organic juice that actually tastes good? Uncle Matt’s Organic juices are never grown with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The Pulp Free Orange Juice is a delicious blend of Hamlin and Valencia oranges while the Orchard-Style Apple Juice packs four times the antioxidant punch over the average apple juice (unfiltered vs clarified). It’s pure and organic without any added flavor, flavor packets, or peel oil—so you can feel good giving it to your family. Cheers to that!

Antioxidant-richBPA freeNaturalNo herbicidesNo pesticidesNo synthetic fertilizersOrganic

Where to Purchase

Uncle Matt’s Organic is available at Whole Foods nationwide, Kroger nationwide, Publix, Shoprite, Hannaford, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, PCC, New Seasons and other fine natural health foods stores. Find a store near you using the store locator at unclematts.com/store-locator.


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They thought it was delicious!! They absolutely loved it!
- Maureen M.

Just want the sugar content to be more low so that people who are diabetic can also enjoy it.
- Sumitra H.

Myself and my group loved the taste; we were very excited to find a product that is great and healthy for our family
- Cindy R.

The juice had a very clean and fresh taste, and the acid level was very low.
- April S.

Loved the product! We would also like to see it with pulp inside. This juice also worked well in recipes.
- Penny F.

The kids really loved it, and their mothers were happy that the product is organic and environmentally friendly.
- Jennifer G.

They like that the juices seemed ‘unfiltered’ and more natural…more natural taste as well….but would prefer lower sugar with a lower price.
- Nikole O.

It was excellent. I have bought 6 more bottles since.
- Scherie S.

Every mom and kiddo LOVED the juice. We sampled the orange juice and also the apple juice. They were both a big hit and I know that many moms did end up purchasing more after the meeting. It tasted great and it’s healthy too.
- Kendell C.

I bought some extra juice so all the mom’s and kids could try it, they all really liked the product. The moms loved that it was organic, and produced in the USA.
- Tina B.

A few had tried it before. Everyone really liked it. Thought it has a great orange taste without any after-taste. Someone mentioned that it was sweet but not sugary.
- Trish S.

We really loved trying Uncle Matt’s but wish there were more options available in our area to buy it. We have one store carrying one flavor. Our Momma’s were super happy to have a non-GMO natural option for our kiddos!
- Jessica C.

It was hard to find in stores in my area, which was disappointing.
- Lauren H.

Majority of ladies that sampled it stated that is was the closest orange juice they have had out of a bottle from that of fresh squeezed orange juice!
- Angela A.

Moms said it tasted like drinking a fresh squeezed glass of juice.
- Dawn L.

No joke – the best OJ I’ve ever had. The taste was fresh and sweet!!
- Sarah U.

This juice makes facing the mornings a whole lot easier!
- Carol J.

I thought it was great,some did not like because it was not as sweet as they liked.
- Regina H.

Love it, perfect orange juice for my family!
- Emilia G.

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