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We all know soda is a treat that everyone enjoys, but we also know that most varieties of it aren’t very good for you. Whether it’s regular soda that’s loaded with sugar, or diet drinks with the increasing evidence that they might be just as bad for you as the regular stuff, you just don’t know what to trust! Maybe it’s time to try something different—Veri Soda. All Veri Soda is certified organic, meaning it’s made with the best-quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Veri Soda is delicately sweetened with organic fruit juice, organic cane sugar, and organic stevia. The result? It tastes like real soda but has only 60 calories per can! Available in four delicious flavors (Cola, Orange, Ginger Ale, and Lemon Lime), we guarantee your family will be hooked after only one sip.

Caffeine freeLow glycemicNon-GMOOrganic


Reviews from our moms

Our group loved the soda but cannot find it locally. We used the website to locate stores that sell it, but one is closed and the other said I would have to purchase 3 crates if they were to ‘special order it’ for me, since it is not something that they actually carry. We would really like to see it in our area.
- Angela G.

Did not care for cola.
- Stephanie V.

The women LOVED the flavor! It was light and refreshing and very flavorful. This was surprising for most of us who drink natural soda, when we actually drink soda and most natural sodas have an odd taste or are not very sweet. This was a favorite for everyone!
- Jessica S.

The group loved the flavors but two of the ten did not like the cola.
- Chelsea B.

My group really enjoyed this sampling. This a product that we feel good about giving to our families, especially our kids. It’s a great alternative to regular soda. We hope to see more flavors in the future available.
- Denise S.

This was the first time our group had learned of Veri Soda. We loved it and all agreed Veri Soda is the best soda we have ever tried and will continue to do so.
- Sara M.

The only flavor we didn’t really enjoy was the regular Cola flavor. It wasn’t that great tasting.
- Ann K.

My group loved the Veri Soda. They thought it tasted great and had the just the right amount of carbonation. They also loved that it was organic and very low in sugar.
- Tina B.

My group was very surprised about the taste of the soda. The flavors were great and with only 60 calories and no artificial ingredients, they are healthy too. A good alternative for the sodas that are full with sugar. My group loves that the sodas are organic.
- Hendrika Van Dijk

The kids love it! The neighborhood group gets together very regularly and the kids haven’t liked other natural soda’s much. This one they did, we ran out!
- Dawn F.

Taste could be better.
- Shanon H.

My group was genuinely impressed with the great taste, lack of any aftertaste, and the great flavors of Veri Soda.
- Michele V.

This was a fantastic sampling. My group especially liked the fruit flavors (orange, etc). It would be nice if it was carried by many more retailers.
- VJ Florio

Love the flavors, just wish it was in more stores. Also, I wish they sold all flavors at our local Meijers. They only sell the cola and I really liked the ginger ale. My group loved the Orange soda.
- Jessica O.

The cola flavor was not well received. The others were great.
- Katherina G.

Great Sodas. Love the Ginger Ale!!! Thank you. My mom’s love the new alternative to coke. Yay and it’s organic, which is a big plus. My mom’s will definitely look for Veri Soda in the stores where they shop.
- Sabrina C.

It wasn’t as sweet as the typical commercial brands of soda but you get used to it and it tastes really good. Also, knowing that there is no HFC makes you feel a lot better too.
- Sorina H.

Veri Soda has a nice taste to it and doesn’t cause a burning sensation in your throat.
- Tusan Y.

I love the Veri Soda. We all thought it tasted great and is by far the better soda for children.
- Carly W.

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