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Want to pack something better than a sugary juice box in your kid’s lunch? We guarantee they’ll go coco-nuts for Vita Coco Kids—a coconut water that’s naturally flavored with fruit. Available in three delicious, kid-approved flavors (Paradise Punch, Very Cherry Beach, and Apple Island), these drinks are sure to quench your kiddo’s thirst, thanks to their all-natural ingredients. Vita Coco Kids coconut water is delicious and nutritious—you won’t find any artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. Instead, you’ll find half the sugar and calories compared to the leading kid’s drink! Now that is something to smile about.

Gluten freeNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial sweetenersNo high-fructose corn syrupNo preservativesVeganVitamin C

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Vita Coco products are available for purchase at Target, Walmart, Wegmans, Safeway, Amazon, and FreshDirect.


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Myself and children, along with friends & family enjoyed the flavors and taste of the Vita Kids Coconut water. Looking forward to more flavors, as three quarters of my group is now buying Vita Coconut water for their children.
- Tonya M.

We have to hand it to you!! Well done! Our group is in love with your new product! Pretty much all of us are making the switch! Our children love the taste and we do too! The coconut water with lemonade is delicious! I can’t wait to stock up for summer!! Thank you so much!!!
- Cherissa M.

The group liked the variety of flavors. The lemonade set was cute. My kids loved the sunglasses.
- Shelley L.

We absolutely loved the Vita Coco Kids coconut water. The fruit punch was our favorite. The lemonade however, was awful. Thank you for this opportunity to share this with my mom’s group!!!
- Shyanne R.

My group loved the drinks. The only one they didn’t care for was the lemonade. They all said it tasted salty.
- Amber M.

My group was over the moon. A couple of moms have drank regular coconut water but weren’t crazy about the taste, and especially not the kids. However, these drinks were awesome!! We all decided that the fruit punch one was the favorite all around. I can’t wait to tell more people about this and we all loved that the packaging was similar to those other pouch drinks (only much better) so our kids don’t feel different from the other kids when we give them a healthier option. I could go on and on about this. The only drawback is the price, but with all the coupons they gave us in the package, it will definitely help the next couple purchases we make. Also I decided to do the sample at my son’s bday party and I felt good giving all the kids a healthier way to rehydrate rather than juice or sports drinks after running around outside.
- Angela M.

There was 9 moms and about 15 children, Punch was the favorite hit flavor. Apple was the least liked by the group. The children seemed to like all the flavors. Moms were impressed with packaging and will be purchasing some. They are happy to have another healthy juice box option…
- Linda C.

The kids especially loved Vita Coco Kids coconut water! The one little boy in our group name is Cohen, age 4. His nickname is CoCo. When we told him the drink was called Vita Coco, he kept pointing to all the kids drinks saying ‘Coco’s drink!’ lol.
- Joleen B

Me, My Family and My Mom Group absolutely loved Vita Coco Kids Coconut Water! I could not believe how good and healthy they are for kids. All of the three flavors – Apple Island, Very Cherry Beach and Paradise Punch were very flavorful. All of us, Moms and kids enjoyed drinking these! I had extra juice boxes left so I sent everyone home with a goody bag and coupons. At my party I had all of the different juice box flavors out, chips, a veggie tray and a little bit of candy. All of my Mom friends told me they would definitely buy these for their children. We all agree that these are a perfect lunch box size. I will also buy these for my family as well. Thank you Moms Meet and Vita CoCo for the opportunity to try these!
- Jamie V.

My group and I thought this was a great product to sample. Most of us have only heard of regular, plain coconut water. We were excited that there were others flavors that kids would enjoy. We also love how they are individually packaged with a straw, something a lot of us haven’t seen for coco water.
- Sarah P.

We loved this sample and share! We received 3 varieties of the coconut water. The overall favorite was the paradise punch flavor, followed by very cherry beach, and the least favorite was the apple flavor. We have not found the products in the local grocery stores that we frequently shop at, but we still have not checked every store in our area. We would love for them to expand into the Quad Cities area!
- Kristina M.

We loved the product! The one flavor that wasn’t very popular was the Apple, but it wasn’t too bad in popsicle form.
- Emily H.

Love the variety of flavors! I personally loved the lemonade version!
- Brigida P.

We thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and convenient packaging. All the children were extremely excited and loved the taste!
- Tonya M.

Everyone loved the variety in the flavors, and I ended up buying more lemonade and that was the biggest hit.
- Jackie S.

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