VitaCup Probiotic Blend Infused Coffee Pods

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What if we told you your coffee pod could promote a healthier lifestyle? As the first ever vitamin-infused coffee pod, VitaCup Probiotic Blend Infused Coffee Pods will transform your day from within. Delicious and convenient, VitaCup Probiotic Blend Infused Coffee Pods were formulated by a Registered Dietitian, Brianna Harris, specifically to support digestive health, immune health, energy, metabolism, and mood. Infused with probiotics, aloe vera, and vitamins, each pod is 100% recyclable with BPA-free plastic and compatible with most single-serve brewers, including Keurig machines.

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Mom Lab: Can Coffee Be Good For Your Gut?

Annie and Lauren put VitaCup's probiotic-packed, vitamin-infused coffee pod in this week's Mom Lab. Can coffee actually be good for your gut? Watch to find out!

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