Wakunaga of America Kyo-Dophilus® Kids Probiotic

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Probiotics are an important part of a healthy routine for everyone in the family, including your kids! Taking probiotics can help your little ones to stay healthy by decreasing the number of “bad” bacteria in the gut that can cause infections or inflammation. Backed by clinical studies, Wakunaga of America Kyo-Dophilus® Kids Probiotic is an easy-to-take option that’s free of GMOs, sodium, preservatives, artificial colors, dairy, gluten, and soy!

Wakunaga of America developed Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics nearly thirty years ago with the goal of sharing the health benefits of “friendly bacteria” to help maintain overall well-being. Their probiotics support good bowel regularity, relieve occasional digestive discomfort, and promote healthy immune function. Plus Kyo-Dophilus® Kids Probiotics are great-tasting and chewable, so it makes taking probiotics even easier for your little ones.

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ChewableDairy freeGluten freeImmune healthNo artificial colorsNo preservativesNon-GMOSodium freeSoy FreeSupplement

Where to Purchase

Wakunaga of America Kyo-Dophilus Kids Probiotic is available to purchase at local health food stores, Sprouts Farmers Market, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, as well as online at Swansons Vitamins and Amazon. Visit momsmeet.link/wakanugalocate for the full list of locations.

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Should Your Whole Family Take Probiotics?

We know how now more than ever your family's health is top of mind for you. Today we’re diving into the world of probiotics and how gut health not only affects you, but your entire family.

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