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We know how hard it is to find healthy, safe, and effective products that help you care for your family—which is why we’re excited to introduce you to Ology™ household paper, cleaning, and personal care products. Walgreens created this line of products free of harmful chemicals and 100% tree free so you can make positive changes for our planet and your family including having a safer family laundry routine! Available in two different varieties that are HE and conventional machine compatible, the liquid detergent can be used to wash your delicates, woolens, and regular loads. Plus, it’s free of artificial dyes, fragrances, chlorine bleach, and other harmful ingredients. Here’s another fun fact: This detergent is made in the U.S.A. and bottled in 100% post-consumer materials. Ology products keep you, your family, and the environment in mind—trustworthy products that are a better choice for your family and the environment. Ology products are available exclusively at Walgreens.

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Dye freeMineral basedNaturalNo animal testingNo artificial fragrancesNo artificial ingredientsNo harmful chemicalsNo phosphatesPlant basedTree free

Where to Purchase

Ology brand products are sold exclusively at Walgreens stores nationwide and at walgreens.com/ology. Visit walgreens.com to find a store near you.


Reviews from our moms

We are amazed at how easily the spray cleaner works. It takes pet stains, coffee stains, all the usual messes, away in a flash. Our group set up different stains on a table; and in a second, everything was gone. It is better that Fantastic, and that says a lot…
- Helen R.

My members said they wish there was no fragrance at all.
- Katherine T.

It was refreshing to have a detergent that wouldn’t give my children any irritation. The one thing that i miss however is some kind of scent. My group & I agreed that we would love a scented detergent!
- Stephany G.

We love the product. It was a great experience trying it out together. I was really surprised with the products as to how well they worked, and the all-purpose product was great. We all kept on trying it out. We love the smell of it. It’s so nice to have a product smell good and not have harmful chemicals and work really great. I know most of us will be replacing some of our cleaning and laundry products to this one now. It’s on my shopping list for sure. So glad that I have it at my Walgreens, where most of us shop for things, and so glad our group was chosen for this. Thank you for a great product to share with my group!
- Deanna H.

Overall, the group really enjoyed this sampling. They found no real negatives associated with it and just wish it were available where they do the bulk of their shopping.
- Rochelle K.

Most weren’t impressed with the detergent but everyone LOVED the “paper” towels!
- Denise R.

I personally like Ology 2x Laundry Liquid Detergent. It is a great alternative for me to use on my whole household’s needs but especially my husband’s clothes. He needs detergent that is fragrance free and gentle. Thank you for letting me and my group try this product.
- Lorena H.

I can say for sure that almost all of our group members are CONVERTED! We are so in love!
- Xu L.

Many of us in the group cloth diaper. We had a very positive experience using the Ology 2x on our diapers–no build up, no leaks, and best of all no rashes!!
- Sara G.

Everyone liked the Ology 2x Laundry Liquid Detergent, but LOVED the all-purpose cleaner included in the package. Even though my group wasn’t blown away by the detergent, it wasn’t a loss by any means. They were not aware of Walgreen’s Ology products before the sampling and have shared their newest Ology discoveries as we find them. A happy accident was when I discovered the cleaner repelled the tiny ants away from my big kitchen window.
- Karrie K.

The stains were a little hard to get out.
- Chelsea H.

My group was very impressed and pleased with Ology 2x!
- Michelle P.

Myself and a few of my group could not find the detergent at our local Walgreens, even though they carry Ology products. We were unable to really answer the questions about the label, as a result. We all liked the detergent, though! It cleaned well and most of our moms use unscented detergent, so that was a great fit.
- Tracy L.

My group really enjoyed the Ology 2x laundry detergent. I have a variety of laundry soaps so we compared and did laundry! We also tried out the extras that were sent, the paper towels and the multi cleaner. The multi cleaner was a big hit, but the paper towels not so much.
- Cassandra B.

it is a bit pricey and not available everywhere.
- Aeysen U.

The group loved the way it cleaned and the smelled.
- Joeann B.

We loved it! It’s great for families who are trying to cut out harmful chemicals as well as be better stewards of our environment. We have many expecting and new mothers in our group and this detergent is great since it’ll work for everyone in the family’s clothes, from newborn to parents!
- Jennifer S.

The detergent is wonderful but the price is too high for such a small bottle.
- Victoria F.

Moms were pleased with the load of wash they did. They liked that the clothes really came out clean and smelled clean. They also liked that it was natural and very safe for their children of all ages. They would like it if the price was a bit lower.
- Ruth R.

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