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Quality diapers are one of mom’s baby care essentials. That’s why we recommend you try the value-priced Well Beginnings™ diapers, which are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and conveniently sold exclusively at your neighborhood Walgreens and online at walgreens.com. Well Beginnings™ is a baby care brand that provides mom with quality wellness solutions she can trust. Their hypoallergenic, super-soft diapers feature excellent leakage protection for any time of day in addition to an extra soft inner liner with natural botanicals, vitamin E, and aloe, all made in the U.S.A. They make the kind of products that will keep your baby’s bottom soft and protected as they move and run around.

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Well Beginnings™ brand products are sold exclusively at walgreens.com and Walgreens stores nationwide.


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We really enjoyed the sampling of this line of diapers. Made in the USA, HELLO!!! However, for the size-one diapers we used we were not that impressed. The ‘wet indicator’ blue strip was so faint you almost couldn’t see it. Maybe we just had a bad batch of indicator strips? Other then that we were all happy with the softness and absorbency of the diapers. We also loved that when our little ones peed the diaper masked the smell. Our babies just smelled clean and not soiled. Oh, and the wipes were TOP NOTCH, almost loved them better then the Diapers. Thanks Walgreens and Moms Meet!
- Melinda Y.

Upon opening the box the smell of mold or mildew was very strong. I aired it out well before the sampling but moms still complained upon opening the individual packages of the odd smell.
- Jami M.

We loved sampling the Walgreens Well Beginnings Diapers. They fit on our kids great and held up to the trials.
- Ashleigh F.

My group members and I would have never tried these on our own but now we love them!!!
- Victoria H.

Best product Mom’s meet has ever sent! The group went crazy for them!
- Laurie L.

The samples that were made available to me and my group of moms for the Walgreens Well Beginnings diapers were amazing. Everyone was thankful that not only diapers were free to sample but also baby wipes. We all tried the baby wash as well to wash little and big hands and it was the best thing because we experienced the softness of it on our own skin.
- Jay A.

Thank you so much for letting my group and I sample Well Beginnings Diapers. The meet went great and all the moms were very pleased with the diapers. The presentation of the diapers was great and very pretty. Thank you again for letting us sample the diapers.
- Leslie

The only thing that my moms noted was that for a store brand, they felt the price was a little high for the diapers.
- Jessica D.

One of the children gets irritated from some of the brand name diapers and she did NOT get any irritation from the Walgreens diaper.
- Dania M.

Loved the moistness of the wipes, and the fresh scent. The diapers worked very well, very absorbent and fresh smelling. Several group members would seriously look into buying these as their main diaper brand.
- Kelly G.

The diapers seemed to have a funny smell due to the plastic wrapping on the sample kits. However once aired out and opened they were fine. My group seemed happy with the product.
- Valerie

I was very impressed with the amount of diapers that I received to share! The only concern my group had was with the diapers in the sample packs. Some of the diapers in the sample packs had a very strong smell that resembled mold as they came out of the plastic. My group was skeptical to try the diapers that smelled like mold due to obvious health hazards. It caused me to throw those diapers away and give that group member a new pack.
- Rebecca S.

I wish the absorbency was better.
- Stacey G.

Very successful diaper meeting!!! ‘Never thought this Walgreens brand diaper can be this good quality!’ ‘We will switch to this brand’ ‘My baby loves it!’ Our group of members gave very high responses and feedback for Well Beginning diaper!
- Fei L.

My child and the majority of the group members agreed that these diapers hold up well when soiled. The wipes are very moist and has not irritated child’s/baby skin.
- Johnesia S.

Moms said that it would be great if the price for the diapers were less expensive. Most of the moms were pleased with the diapers.
- Sandy S.

We loved the diapers, but felt the price was not competitive to ‘store-brand’ labels.
- Sarah F.

The leak protection wasn’t as good for a little bit of the older toddlers (such as 2 year olds). Wipes worked fantastic.
- Aurora G.

Overall we all liked the diapers, but unless they are much less expensive than name-brand diapers, like Pampers, most members of our group would not switch. Also, my daughter had a bit of a rash after I used the diapers for a few days in a row. Not sure if it was because of the diapers, but it makes me less likely to use in the future.
- Sharon K.

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