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We know it’s a challenge to serve veggies to your family every day—especially if you’ve got picky eaters. But here’s an idea: Sneak vegetables into your recipes with the help of purées. Wild Veggie’s Frozen Veggie Purées make it easy to prepare meals quickly without sacrificing any of the natural health benefits. They only use organically-grown, fresh vegetables that are flash frozen, which means they retain natural flavor and vital nutrients. Available in six great-tasting flavors, including: Broccoli, Butternut Squash, Carrot, Beet, Red Bell Pepper, and Edamame, there’s one to fit each of your culinary needs. These purées make cooking simple, so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle—without compromising on flavor.

Gluten freeKosherLow calorieLow sodiumNon-GMOOrganicVegan

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I made a variety of sample foods from biscuits to muffins. The moms were really pleased with the time saved with these recipes as well as the ease of preparation. Everyone enjoyed the flavor and the freshness immensely. Some of my group have already started trading recipes. The only issue was that I had to drive almost an hour away to find the product, as it’s not here on the island.
- Melissa B.

There is only one store in the area that sells this product line. It was a deterrent for many of my moms meet friends to purchase the item.
- Jill D.

My family liked the Wild Veggie sampling. We made soups and smoothies. I made smoothies for our group meeting and it went very well. I found that it was better to hide the veggies for the kids.
- Neffati G.

Enjoyed making butternut squash mac n’ cheese. My group of moms and I really love the convenience of these purees and that they are made from quality organic ingredients. What I didn’t like is that they are only available in one store that is not that close to home. I wish it was carried in a store closer to me and not as expensive.
- Antonia P.

Need more flavors and in more stores.
- Rachel

I thought the Veggie Purees were very good and easy to use. I would say that the biggest negative for our group was that they are not currently available at the two big grocery stores closest to our neighborhood. I found that I had to go to multiple locations to find a variety of the products to demo (Bristol Farms, Bed, Bath & Beyond). Everyone loved the smoothie made with Beet Puree. Edamame guacamole was devoured.
- Amy L.

We incorporated the broccoli puree into the kids fav mac and cheese with some extra cheese & were surprised to see the kids eat it without any complaints. My daughter hates bell peppers. I used the pepper puree in marinara sauce & she could not even guess it. The moms in my group loved how versatile the product was. I also kept the breakfast bowl on the side for tasting & the moms in my group loved it. The breakfast bowls would be a regular in my house for sure.
- Tina D.

These were a huge hit. All the moms loved the idea of being able to just incorporate veggies in their meals with zero prep time. The only issue was it isn’t available close by. We are all hoping that some grocery chains start stocking them. Besides the fact that they aren’t available, the kids loved them. We made muffins and pancakes, and veggies banana bread. Huge hit. Every mom is interested in buying them on a regular basis. We just need them readily available. Suggestions included having them in bulk at either BJ’s or costco. That would be amazing!
- Donna V.

They were not too excited about this product. Mainly because they make their own purees.
- Tatiana W.

It was amazing to be able to incorporate veggies in foods without anyone noticing.
- Carrie R.

The purees were amazing. They were in small easy-to-store packages.
- Annamarie D.

We were amazed how our kids gobbled up the purees. We all try to sneak veggies into smoothies for the kiddos, but they always see the little pieces of spinach, kale, etc, and refuse to drink them. The purees, on the other hand, blended right in and they had no idea! They loved the smoothies and we loved that they were drinking broccoli :).
- Liz A.

Loved the puree. It was easy to make, healthy, and organic. It saved me so much time and I added the puree to lentils for my sons meals.
- Yadira Z.

I loved how you can hide the veggies in dishes like Mac-n-Cheese.
- Lisa G.

I not only made dishes with the purees, I also baked muffins with them. Everyone loved the buffet that I had.
- Rita J.

What a great product that very few of us even knew existed! Many of my moms have kids that don’t eat as many veggies as we would like and we all loved the idea of sneaking a little veggie purée into sauces, muffins, pastas, and smoothies. Very helpful for moms of picky kids!
- Sharon P.

It is unfortunate that seasonings are added to the vegetable puree.
- Marge A.

We made the Butternut Squash with rice and shrimp. It was a good base meal, but needs a lot more seasoning. We also made Braised Chicken with Spicy Red Bell Pepper & Ginger Sauce, which was excellent. This was a big hit for us. As for the breakfast bowls, no one carries them around our area.
- Brittany H.

Actually it was great. There was only one downfall, it’s not available anywhere close to buy it. Everyone love the product but….they would have to travel too far to get it.
- Carrie A.

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