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Want to try a breath mint that’s actually good for your teeth? Spry Gems—the newest addition to the Xlear product line—are sweetened naturally with xylitol, a plant-based, dentist-recommended sweetener that’s been proven to improve overall dental health and help strengthen tooth enamel. Available in Berry, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Lemon Cream flavors, these tiny mints pack a powerful, delicious punch that the whole family will love.

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Find Kid’s Xlear Sinus Care Spray at Whole Foods Market and natural food stores, or online at xlear.com.


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My group loved the benefits of Spry Gems! We loved the great flavor and texture of the mints as well. We were all really excited that the kids enjoyed the fruitier flavors, but better yet, us mom’s loved them too!
- Dana Mislin-Langa

Some adults complained about an aftertaste. of all the flavors, the 2 mint ones were liked the most.
- Josephine O.

One member of the sampling group, who follows a very restricted diet, was very pleasantly surprised to find a mint that she can enjoy!!
- Gina S.

We really liked these. The only concern was finding them in stores in our area.
- Heather W.

We loved trying Spry Gems. They had great flavors and a lot of my group members said they could see themselves popping a mint every couple of hours from their purse. I agreed!
- Meena R.

I could not believe how great the Gems were. They did not have that strong nasty sugar free aftertaste to them. I also found out that one mom in my group had two diabetic sons. I made sure to to give her an extra. She said later that they loved them.
- Kristeen K.

Cinnamon was the preferred flavor…my group members couldn’t get enough of them once they found out they reduce the risk of tooth decay.
- Crystal S.

The Cinnamon was the least liked.
- Crystal H.

We loved the flavors and texture of these mints! Everyone was surprised that the lemon cream and berry flavors were actually good and not too sweet, and that the mint and cinnamon flavors were just the right amount of spice and not too strong. They freshen breath well and were a hit with the group. The only ‘complaint’ was that the full-size boxes of mints were a bit bulky for a purse or pocket, but that was just a minor thing.
- Emma B.

The lemon creme was definitely a favorite and the berry a close second but everyone liked all of the flavors. In addition the group loved that they were naturally sweetened with xylitol and that there were oral care benefits. Great product!!
- Linda O.

My entire group seemed to really like it! Especially since they are HEALTHY for you!
- Jacienda R.

The only negative thing I received was that the flavors (specifically the minty flavors) didn’t last very long, once the mint was gone, so was the flavor/smell/taste.
- Shannon E.

This was definitely one of my favorite Moms Meet Sample Programs! I learned a lot about Xylitol that I never even knew before. Knowing that these are good for your teeth and taste good makes them even better! Everyone including myself really enjoyed these mints a lot. All five of the flavors tasted good. None of them had a powerful taste but worked well as mints. My teeth and some of my friend’s teeth are not in the best shape so eating a mint like this is perfect for all of us. All of the kids really liked these a lot too. My Mom is going through chemo and has a dry mouth all of the time so I gave her a few sample packs and the big pack of Peppermint mints and she loves them! She told me it helps her dry mouth and loves that it helps her teeth too. I loved the sample packs because everyone got to try all of the flavors. At my Mom Group Party everyone liked all of the flavors but enjoyed the Berry and Spearmint the most. Thank you Moms Meet and Xlear for letting me and My Group Sample these! We all really enjoyed them!!
- Jaime V.

We LOVED them. Although I would complain that I haven’t seen them in any stores I shop in.
- Jessica A.

All the ladies who came to the party liked the way the mints taste and enjoyed how they came in a variety of flavors. The lemon was not popular as they felt it tasted like lemon bars. We have had a hard time finding them at a convenient location.
- Madeline M.

No one seemed to like the cinnamon flavor.
- Jennifer V.

We all loved your product. We are having a hard time finding it on the shelves locally. Once that issue is worked out, we will use Spry Gems on a regular basis.
- Erika T.

I was pleasantly surprised at how great these mints tasted in all of the flavors and enjoyed sharing them with all of my group members. Most have never heard of them but we’re really excited about them and loved the idea of no artificial sweeteners and the fact that these mints are actually good for your teeth and gums.
- Kelly A.

I would definitely buy it once I see it in stores. This product tastes great.
- Jocelyn V.

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