Zeal Creamery Fresh Grass-Fed Chocolate Milk

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If you want to feel good about giving your family chocolate milk, you’ll want to try Zeal Creamery Fresh Grass-Fed Chocolate Milk. Nurtured cows make better milk, and Zeal Creamery products are made from cows who are never, ever in a barn, who are always pasture-raised, always grass-fed, and always treated with respect.

A drink your kids will love and an ethos you can get behind? Sounds like a win-win! Also, Zeal Creamery Chocolate Milk is made with cocoa and sweetened with a Manuka Honey Blend from New Zealand. Now if that doesn’t make you want to try it, what will?

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100% DeliciousCertified KosherGluten freeNon-GMO

Where to Purchase

Zeal Creamery Fresh Grass-Fed Chocolate Milk is available to purchase at various locations throughout the US. To find a store near you, visit: zealcreamery.com/zeal-store-locator.

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