Zing Protein Bars

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The search is over for a natural, healthy, flavorful snack for the entire family. Introducing: Zing Dark Chocolate Cherry Protein Bars! Formulated by registered dietitians and perfect for the mindful nosher, these protein bars blend the powerful flavors of cherries and dark chocolate with the creamy sweetness of almonds. 

Zing Protein Bars taste great and can improve your digestive health and immune system. Rich in trace minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that support wellness, healing, and sustained energy, this nutritious snack is both indulgent and healthful. Go ahead, elevate your family’s snack time with zing! 

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Gluten freeKosherPlant basedSoy FreeVegan

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Zing Dark Chocolate Cherry Protein Bars are available to purchase at Amazon

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