Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener

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Want to know what’s amazing? The moment you find a perfect sweet taste without a funny aftertaste, and zero calories! Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener provides perfect sweetness with just two ingredients – stevia leaf extract and dextrose. It also has zero calories making it ideal for anyone watching their weight. With a delicious sweet taste, Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener is perfect for sweetening coffee, tea, fresh fruit, or your favorite smoothie.

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No artificial ingredientsNo calories

Where to Purchase

Zing™ can be found in mass merchandiser and grocery store chains across the U.S. along with other sweetener products in the baking aisle.


Reviews from our moms

Having fun trying out the stevia.
- Jennifer C.

I had a Pre-Memorial Day Celebration and invited several members of the Working Mother’s Group and my Book club to come and sample and review secretly some drinks and desserts I’d made using Zing Zero Calorie Sweetener. Amongst the yums and this is delicious, I let everyone know they were sampling healthy Zero calorie Zing. No one realized I’d not used real sugar and said they could not taste any difference… it was just GOOD!
- Jonnie B.

Zing was a big hit – sweet natural taste and no calories!
- Julie E.

Great product, great price!
- Darci H.

Overall a well liked product, the price was just a little higher than some moms like.
- Megan W.

My husband was very impressed and said he liked it better than any other sweetener we have tried.
- Terri H.

Most of the feedback centered around the fact that it didn’t taste fake or like some of the other brands with stronger flavors. Worked really wonderful to sweeten iced tea :).
- Alicia B.

My mom’s group and I really enjoyed this new sweetener and we are going to start buying this product often from now on, thank you for letting us sample it.
- Roberta H.

Love this sweetener! It doesn’t have a bad aftertaste like some other Stevia products
- Heather F.
It was actually better than I thought it was going to be. The kids loved it in their drinks instead of sugar, which was a huge plus.
- Lisamarie A.

Great product and great taste. Love this sugar alternative.
- Tina Z.

We all loved the taste. There definitely wasn’t the usual metallic aftertaste that some of the other stevia products have. We all agreed that this is our new brand of sweetener.
- Cortney B.

We invited my 8 year old nephew who has type one diabetes to the party, being he can only use sweetener in his drinks, he absolutely loved the stevia sweetener.
- Trisha W.

We loved baking with this sweetener by replacing regular sugar with this sugar. Everything that we made came out perfect and tasted just like we used regular sugar! All of the moms were amazed at how great everything turned out and they couldn’t stop raving about how great this sweetener is. All of the moms thanked me over and over again for introducing them to a sweetener that literally changed their lives! Almost all of the mothers used a different type of sweetener prior to our meeting. Now, they have all switched to using Zing because they love the taste and the fact that it is zero calories, all natural and tastes just like the real thing! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
- Victoria

Zing Zero Calorie Stevia sweetener is good. It dissolves quickly and tastes nice and natural.
- Divya C.

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