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Lenore Skenazy
Tina Meier
Keynote Speaker
Topic: Bullying and Cyberbullying: How Parents Can Help
On October 16, 2006, Tina Meier’s life took a devastating turn when her 13 year old daughter, Megan Taylor Meier, took her own life after being cyberbullied by an adult neighbor posing as a fictitious boy named “Josh Evans” on MySpace. In December of 2007, Tina Meier founded the Megan Meier Foundation, a non-profit organization that proactively addresses issues of bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide in today's world.

Since its inception, Tina and Foundation staff have reached over 270,000 students, parents, and educators in 35 different states. Tina worked closely with Senator Scott Rupp and Governor Matt Blunt’s Internet Task Force for the State of Missouri to help pass Senate Bill 818, which went into law on August 28, 2008. Tina has received numerous recognitions and awards on behalf of the Foundation for her bullying prevention efforts, including the Teen Line’s Humanitarian of the Year award in 2009 and the Judge Arnold Krekel Trailblazer Award in 2013 from the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. Through her work, Tina hopes to inspire others to "Be Megan's Voice...Be the Change!"

Website: meganmeierfoundation.org
Karissa Barber
Karissa Barber

Karissa Barber is back for her third year as WOW Summit emcee! As a theatrical and screen actor, she has performed on stage internationally and in various film and TV productions, including staring in her playwrighting debut, MASTERWORK . Karissa lives in Central Florida with her husband and four children.

Angela Jagiello
Angela Jagiello
Topic: A Mom’s Guide to Labeling Claims: Organic, Natural, and Non-GMO
During the past 15 years, Angela Jagiello has embraced marketing and public relations roles at some of the leading companies in the organic industry. In her current position as Associate Director of Conference and Product Development at the Organic Trade Association, she produces industry research and conferences, and runs a speaker’s bureau. Jagiello wakes up feeling fortunate to be at the nexus of so many interesting conversations, working in an industry that is helping families and farmers thrive. She studied journalism and English at the University of Alaska before earning her MBA from the University of Colorado Denver.

Website: ota.com
Lenore Skenazy
Barbara Roll
Topic: How To Work with Brands Successfully: A Company’s Perspective
Vice President of Marketing at DERMA E, is a multi-lingual senior marketing executive. With over 20 years in the field, Barbara heads various areas of marketing from PR, Promotional, and Brand Marketing to Product Development, Retail Marketing, and Business Development Strategies. Her passion is in the digital space where she has focused her promotional marketing energy on Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategies, and Digital Ad Spend tactics. Barbara spends her downtime with her family of five, traveling Southern California in their 1959 teardrop travel trailer, doing yoga, and gardening.

Carolina King
Carolina King
Friday Topic: Increase Your Blog Income by Using Affiliate Links
Saturday Topic: DIY Products You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes
Carolina is an entrepreneur turned stay-at-home mom of two amazing little girls. She is a writer at Mama instincts, where she blogs about gentle parenting practices, green living, motherhood, and fun kid activities. She has a passion for helping moms, traveling, and babywearing.

Carolina survives parenting thanks to her awesome mom friends, her hidden stash of chocolates, and her love affair with coffee. Above all, she believes in raising kids by listening to her mama instincts.

Website: MamaInstincts.com
Cathy Adams
Cathy Cassani Adams

Cathy Cassani Adams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Parent coach, and self-awareness expert, focused on parenting and the personal empowerment of women and young girls. Her most recent book, Living What You Want Your Kids to Learn: The Power of Self-Aware Parenting won a Nautilus Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and an International Book Award. For almost seven years she and her husband have hosted Zen Parenting Radio, a top-ten kids and family podcast on iTunes. Cathy is a sought-after parent and female empowerment speaker, lending her expertise to many news, radio, and print outlets over the years. She is mom to three girls, ages 14, 12, and 9.

Website: Zenparentingradio.com
Dayna Abraham
Dawn Jackson Blatner
Saturday Workshop: Superfood Swaps for a Cleaner Routine
Dawn is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and certified specialist in sports dietetics. She is the nutritionist for the World Series Champion Chicago CUBS, sits on the advisory board of SHAPE magazine, and writes an award-winning weekly blog called Nutrition WOW. She is the author of The Flexitarian Diet, named one of the best plant-based diets by US News. Her newest book is The Superfood Swap: The 4-Week Plan to Eat What You Crave Without the C.R.A.P (food with C hemicals; R efined sugar and flour; A rtificial sweeteners and colors; and P reservatives).

Website: dawnjacksonblatner.com
Dayna Abraham
Dayna Abraham
Friday Topic: Become a Viral Video Ninja
Saturday Topic: The Secret to Raising Happy, Healthy Kids
Dayna Abraham is the mother to three, totally awesome Superkids that inspire her every day to be the best grown-up sidekick they could ask for. When she’s not helping her kids conquer the world, she keeps busy by blogging at Lemon Lime Adventures, writing books like The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day, and drinking lots of coffee. Before becoming a writer, Dayna was a National Board Certified teacher, where she met some of the coolest Superkids on earth. As a little girl, she wished others saw her as a Superkid. So now, she’s made it her mission to inspire kids and grownups to love kids for who they are and embrace their differences.

Website: lemonlimeadventures.com
Dena Blizzard
Eirene Heidelberger
Topic: How to Keep the ME in MomMe
Eirene Heidelberger is the founder of GIT Mom (Get It Together, Mom!), a nationally renowned, parent coaching firm that empowers moms to feel in control in this totally out-of-control experience we call parenting. GIT Mom is the only coaching company in the country focused on a mom’s happiness, rather than their kid’s. GIT Mom uses a failproof, 7-step system with its clients to create a harmonious home and a happier mom—because happy, confident, independent moms raise well-adjusted, self-assured, and happy kids.

In addition to coaching mommies around the country, Eirene can be found everywhere from the Huffington Post to the TODAY show as an expert on hot button parenting issues. She is also a contributor to TODAY Parents, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent, and many more parenting resources.

Website: gitmom.com
Dr. Drew Ramsey, M.D.
Joy McCarthy
Topic: Top Ways to Detox Your Life Joyously
Joy McCarthy is the Founder and Creator of Joyous Health, a blog that inspires others to live a healthy, whole, and joyous life. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Clinical Detoxification Specialist, and best-selling author of two cookbooks: Joyous Health and Joyous Detox. A trusted nutrition expert, Joy has been featured in hundreds of publications, both online and in print, and is a regular health expert on TV. Joy lives in Toronto with her husband Walker and their daughter Vienna, who loves avocados and curried scrambled eggs. Joy loves social media and shares her passion for food, family, and fun as a way to channel positive energy into the lives of others.

Website: joyoushealth.com
Rachel Martin
Kara Carrero
Friday Topic: Break Free from the Echo-Chamber of Blogging to Write Viral Posts
Saturday Topic: Turn Your Picky Eater into a Health Food Lover
Kara is an author, wife, and mother of three children, living in Boston, MA. She is passionate about intentional parenting, the process of raising self-sufficient kids, and living a healthier, more natural life. She is primarily a parenting blogger and holds a degree in Secondary Education & Adolescent Childhood Development. Kara now works as a consultant and one-on-one blog coach. She helps parents connect with their children and bloggers maximize their online businesses, thus improving their return on time invested so they can spend more time on the important things in life.

Website: karacarrero.com
Dan R Morris
Megan Grano & Molly Erdman from The Break Womb

The BreakWomb is a trio of moms who do sketch comedy...or a trio of sketch comedians who do motherhood. The longtime friends, whose resumes include The Second City Chicago's Mainstage and E.T.C. Theater and The Groundlings Main Company, launched their web series after all having kids around the same time. Their videos tackle parenthood topics ranging from baby monitors to birthday parties and have been featured on the Huffington Post, TODAY Parents, Buzzfeed, PopSugar Moms, Scary Mommy, BBC, Daily Mail, and Upworthy.

Website: thebreakwomb.com
Natasha C. Nicholes
Natasha C. Nicholes
Natasha C. Nicholes is a serious maker. To be a serious maker, you need the ability to see things not as they are but as they can be, and you need the skills to make that vision into reality. That is Natasha’s super power.
Together with her husband, Natasha is raising four bold and brilliant children. She even homeschools. But when she was researching online to find families like hers, she didn’t find any voices of African Americans represented. So, she created her own space at housefulofnicholes.com. Through her blog, Natasha forged partnerships with companies and organizations such as Kia, Samsung, General Mills, Dream Kids, and Habitat for Humanity. She has spoken at conferences such as Blogalicious, BlogHer, and National Box Tops University. She is the Travel Editor for the Mom 2.0 Summit and was a cast member for the Chicago 2017 Listen to Your Mother Show.

Website: housefulofnicholes.com

  • Friday Blogger Workshop Topics

  • Become a Viral Video Ninja

  • Speaker: Dayna Abraham
  • With video content exploding on social media, you may be eager to capitalize on this trend. But what if you don’t know how to get started on your road to viral video success? During this fun and encouraging workshop, you will gain insights into what makes a video go viral. You’ll also learn step-by-step instructions on how to make your own killer video content, even if you just have a cell phone.
  • Break Free from the Echo-Chamber of Blogging to Write Viral Posts

  • Speaker: Kara Carrero
  • Do you know how to craft your content into share-worthy posts? Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a post go viral? Kara Carrero will offer up a concrete strategy to get your posts to engage readers and make the rounds on the internet. In this workshop, Kara will share her checklist for site optimization, as well as her key writing strategies, and case studies showcasing various posts and topics. You’ll learn the difference between echo-chamber and diffusion blogging, and discuss the “comfort meter” and how it impacts whether a post goes viral or not.
  • Increase Your Blog Income by Using Affiliate Links

  • Speaker: Carolina King
  • You work hard for your blog so you deserve to reap the monetary fruits of your labor, but what if you don’t know where to start? Carolina King, an expert in the field, will teach you how affiliate marketing can bring you the income you are searching for. You’ll gain knowledge on the basics of affiliate marketing, then delve into the tactics of how to milk the holidays and promotions, craft the perfect product roundups, and make money using social media. You’ll walk away with critical tricks of the trade that can greatly increase your affiliate income.
  • How To Work with Brands Successfully: A Company’s Perspective

  • Speaker: Barbara Roll, Derma-e
  • Brands are increasingly turning to influencers and bloggers to help reach their target audience in a more authentic way. But with so much competition, how does a blogger of any size get noticed and eventually work with these brands for pay? Barbara Roll of Derma-e will teach you how to forge these crucial relationships that can help take your blog and career to the next level. In this workshop you will learn how brands select who they work with (it’s not what you may think), when to ask for pay to play, how to stay authentic to yourself as you grow, and much more! Barbara will also share her valuable insight on the importance of building relationships and the synergy of a win-win relationship between brands and content creators.
  • Saturday Workshops

  • A Mom’s Guide to Labeling Claims: Organic, Natural, and Non-GMO

  • Speaker: Angela Jagiello
  • We all want to make the best choices for our families, but let’s be real—the aisles of the grocery store are often not the most ideal places to make a well-reasoned decision. Organic, natural, and non-GMO products are taking up more real estate in the store and cost significantly more than the alternatives. So, what’s really behind these labels, and how do the requirements vary from produce to packaged goods to personal care? In this session, we’ll walk through the basics so that you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to make smart decisions the next time you shop.
  • DIY Products You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes

  • Speaker: Carolina King
  • Do you want a toxic-free home without breaking the bank? One of our favorite DIY mamas will not only show you how it’s done but let you take part in all the fun. Join Carolina King for a DIY tutorial where you’ll make your own natural products to bring home to your family. You’ll learn what ingredients to use for both cleaning and personal care products and how to do it in a way that’s affordable for any budget.
  • Superfood Swaps for a Cleaner Routine

  • Speaker: Dawn Jackson Blatner
  • As busy Moms, it’s not always easy to make our own health a priority. Dawn Jackson Blatner, author and nutritionist to superstar athletes like the Chicago CUBS, says there’s no better time than NOW to kickstart a healthier routine that starts simply with “Super Swaps.” In this session, Dawn will share some of her favorite tips and techniques from her new book The Superfood Swap: The 4-Week Plan to Eat What You Crave Without the C.R.A.P. You’ll learn how to stock the pantry with wholesome ingredients, how to spot healthy-food imposters, and overall, how to take smart steps toward optimal health with natural solutions for the choices we make in our daily routines.
  • Turn Your Picky Eater into a Health Food Lover

  • Speaker: Kara Carrero
  • Do your kiddos refuse to eat their vegetables? Has dinnertime become a constant battle? Despite your valiant efforts, do you end up giving into nutritional no no’s? In this workshop, Kara Carrero will lay out a concrete plan to help you raise healthy eaters. She’ll share yummy recipes that are not only full of nutrition but are able to pass muster with your family’s pickiest palette. You’ll leave with a renewed spirit and practical tools to cook healthy, tasty food your family will love.
  • The Secret to Raising Happy, Healthy Kids

  • Speaker: Dayna Abraham
  • In a world of iPads, smart phones, and digital billboards, our kids are constantly bombarded with information. But is this information the right information? In this workshop, Dayna Abraham will teach you the secret sauce to raising happy, healthy kids without the use of electronics. You will learn how to engage all of your child's senses (not just the ones you were taught about growing up) to help your child fully engage with the world around them. You will walk away with key strategies you can use today to ensure your children are in fact, happy and healthy.
  • Saturday General Sessions

  • Top Ways to Detox Your Life Joyously

  • Speaker: Joy McCarthy
  • We get it! You hear the word “detox” and automatically feel overwhelmed at the very thought. Will you have to change everything? Will you feel deprived? Hangry? Well we have great news because there are simple, daily habits that will help you detox every day so that you’re left feeling incredible.

    In this seminar, Joy will share with you the importance of detoxification for your whole self. She’ll even show you how to make it a part of your daily routine, effortlessly. You’ll feel energized and refreshed when you implement these simple strategies. Joy will reveal the essential daily detox habits that everyone should be doing. You’ll also learn the best detox superfoods to eat daily (they’re delicious!) and essential detox lifestyle habits to help your body and mind thrive (it’s not just about diet, you know).

    Discover how good you can look and feel after just 10 days of following Joy’s strategies!
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying: How Parents Can Help

  • Keynote Speaker: Tina Meier, Megan Meier Foundation
  • When working closely with youth, parents need not only to be aware of bullying and cyberbullying issues, their many forms, where they occur, and why they happen, but more importantly the lasting, incredibly damaging impact it can have on the lives of youth. Bullying wreaks havoc on a youth's self-esteem, self-worth, academic performance, motivation, emotional well-being, and overall happiness. Tina Meier, a nationally recognized speaker on bullying and cyberbullying, shares her daughter’s story along with other valuable information to educate parents on ways to accurately identify and intervene when their child, or any child, is being negatively affected by bullying or cyberbullying.

    Through Megan Meier’s story, you’ll develop a greater awareness of bullying issues, their relevance, and significance in our world today. Tina will offer incite on youth bullying behaviors displayed online, their lasting implications, and the need for adult involvement. Lastly, you’ll gain exposure to intervention and prevention tactics for bullying behaviors.
  • How to Keep the ME in MomMe

  • Speaker: Eirene Heidelberger, the GIT Mom
  • Truth is, everyone in the family will benefit from you putting your needs at the top of the list. So why is it such a struggle to do things for yourself? Two words—mom guilt. Eirene, Heidelberger, founder of GIT Mom, will teach you how to break free from the guilt to create your most happy mom life. In this session, you’ll take the GIT Mom parenting report card to test your current mom skills and learn how to effectively parent.

    For moms of all ages, but especially new ones, Eirene will show you how to get off “mommy island” and feel connected to like-minded moms. You’ll learn how to merge your pre-baby, carefree life to find the right post-baby support that speaks to you. Parenting doesn’t have to feel like groundhog's day. With Eirene’s guidance, you’ll learn how to feel fulfilled as a mom and as a person.

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