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    My 2 month old son has a lactose intolerance. I’m not sure the severity of it but I haven’t been able to breast feed full time because of it and we’ve been supplementing with Soy formula. Has anyone else has this issue? How long does it take infants to outgrow this, if they ever do? I’ve now ran into the issue that my son is constipated due to the formula. I feel like nothing is working!

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    I always had to add a tiny bit of extra water to my son’s soy formula to keep him from being constipated

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    We have been trying to figure out if soy milk or almond milk is working better for our one year old

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    My oldest daughter was born with a lactose intolerance and has never ‘grew out of it’. I didn’t know that they could. I had to stop breastfeeding and buy lactose free formula. To this day we use lactose free milk, cheese, and ice cream.

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