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      This year is the 2nd year of homeschooling my daughter. Can I just say that I’m so grateful that this school years almost over! In all honesty it’s kinda bittersweet because I’m glad it’s almost over but yet sad because it means I’m gonna be a mom to a 10th grader next year! And that means my baby’s slowly slipping from my grip 🙁 I never would have thought 5 years ago that I’d be a homeschool mom. But because my daughter has an IEP she was slowly getting lost in the system and falling more and more behind. So it was for her best interests that she get homeschooled. I’m so glad that my husband and I decided to do it,because she has improved so much in just a couple of years! In fact she went from D’s & F’s to A,B & C’S! I know there some moms out there that don’t really care for homeschooling,and that’s ok everyone has their own opinion. But for me I felt like their was no other option. The school system wasn’t stepping up or acting like they cared. So I my husband and I stepped up. Is it always easy,no. Is there days when I don’t even feel like doing it,yes. But I dont give up,because I’m doing this so my daughter can have a better and brighter future!

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      That is great that you and your husband is doing what is best for your child. Every year I consider home schooling. We have not yet because my son is doing well this year, but it is always an option. Hope you guys have another great year next year!

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      very inspiring

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      That’s is great you are homeschooling, I also homeschool and I love it.

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      Nice Post.

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      Great job! I’ve also started homeschooling my son who is 3 years old. Some days I have to remind myself that he’s only 3 and not try to push too hard like traditional schools. I’m constantly amazed at how much he knows by active learning – reading it in books and reinforcing it with activity or library visits or nature walks or chores. It’s definitely a more fun way of learning.

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        So challenging but so rewarding…..

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      We are also homeschooling due to lack of effort from the school system. Both of our children have stepped up so much from leaving public school. When my son left school he could barely read. Now he is doing 4th grade work when he is written down for 2nd grade. Homeschooling is in the best interest of most children.

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      sounds great

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      congrats!!! it takes a lot to do this journey with our kids… we are on yr three… and will never look back

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      sounds good

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      Interesting read.

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      wow, cool.

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      Very motivating

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