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      My 4 year old behaves fine at home. We get the odd tantrum but again he is 4. I can get him to do things without much fuss and minimal coaxing. He’s been in his current daycare since June and at the beginning he had a hard time adjusting. But gradually his behaviors got better and I had pretty good reports at the end of the day. He then started PreK at the same center with the same teachers about 3 weeks ago now. And we had a good start but this past week has been back to square one with him being defiant or ignoring the teachers and even throwing toys and pushing other kids. I’ve reiterated to him that it’s not acceptable and he talks about it and says he can do better. But as soon as I’m not there it’s the same thing. The worrying part is now the school want me to take him to be screened for sensory disorders and such. Which I will do because I’m also at a loss to explain his behavior. But it also makes you feel like your the only Mom with a trouble child in the world and that the class is perfect except for your child, you know.

      I’m hoping other Moms have been there and can offer some advice if they’ve been in the same boat.

      I should mention that before this center he attended a different one that barely monitored the children and he was always coming home with scrapes and bruises from fights with other kids getting out of hand. Then I observed his teacher without her knowledge one morning marching him along holding his hands in the air in front of her roughly while he cried. I removed him from there and found this new center. It’s been loads better and he seemed to be improving day by day but now it’s back to square one almost! The only thing that seems to have changed at his current school was the class got some new students and the whole PreK curriculum started. At my wits end!

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      If you can stay at the class for a few hours see if you can walk the child through the process of being in class. When the day ends talk with the teacher and the child do a reward system ask if there’s new friends or classmates in school. Give a sticker or some kind of prize at the end of the day. A sticker board when good nothing when misbehaving. Just an idea

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      screening is a good idea, I think. But you are far from the only Mom with worries and problems – it’s ALL of us. If you can spend time with him at his day care, like you did at the first place (good for you), that would be useful.

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      Sorry you’re dealing with this. Have you asked your pediatrician? He or she may have some helpful advice.

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      great tips

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      The nights I let my son watch his computer in bed he is a nightmare the next day – maybe try less computer time? He is 4 as well

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      Possibly a jealously thing? I don’t know how your kid is or how your normal everyday life is at home but he could be jealous of other kids, embarrassed or nervous ect. even if he doesn’t act like that at home it could just be around other kids & people that he doesn’t really know to well, i have a 4 year old boy myself and he’s REALLY CRAZY Lol. Boys will be boys though, pretty natural for them to be trouble makers at school their first couple of years or act up while they’re there. You could be the most strict parent and the nicest in the world to your kid and they’ll still act up, that’s just how some things go when they start their first year of school. Set boundaries, Punishments, maybe a an allowance or a “Good Jar” for being bad & good in school and that’ll work hopefully. Don’t be too harsh though considering it’s a normal natural thing for kids to do when they’re around other kids, Goodluck on that one! 🤣

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