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      What are some quality vegan options for a mom on a strict budget of no more than $50 a week.

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      CANNED veggies!!! just as good, and way less expensive!!!

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      frozen or canned veggies

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      Smoothies are great option, to try to make it budget friendly I would try to choose frozen fruits and veggies.

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        Thanks ladies for the great suggestions.

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      buying in bulk is probably good as well

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      good replies

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      This was super informative

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      Always check out clearance items! My grocery store has really awesome deals on organic, healthy, vegan, etc. Lots of stuff that’s normally pretty pricey, 50%-75% or more off. 🙂 Happy hunting!

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      Can be very hard to do…

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      Veggies are cheaper than meat & dairy for sure.
      Use store brands. Watch for sales-I often find organic canned veggies & pasta sauce on sale cheaper than other brands.

      Don’t forget about Big Lots & Dollar stores. I find a lot of organic vegan products there for low prices.

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      Veggie option and preplanned menu for 7 you know what you that way

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