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    I think adoption is great. My son first adopted his wife’s son after they were married, then they took in a relatives daughter from foster care and adopted her, then they had two of their own, then they took in another foster and adopted her, and now they have three more fosters which they are getting ready to adopt one of them shortly and hoping to adopt other two if possible. These kids deserve to have a life, no matter what race or color they are, that their young ignorant parents can’t give them. I am proud of my son and daughter-in-law and I love all my grandkids equally.

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    We are fostering to adopt 2 little boys right now. Currently we are doing a slow transition with just one of them we can’t do his brother until we do training for his g-tube. And we’re trying to find a place to go to local so we dont have to travel 4hrs! Last weekend was the first time we had one of them,and it actually went pretty well. We would’ve had him again this weekend, but he wasn’t feeling well 😕. We can’t hardly wait to have both the boys permanently in our home!

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    I believe more children should be fostered and adopted to give them a better life than their real parents can. Some of these parents shouldn’t be allowed to have more than 2 children and I think the welfare system needs to be changed with new laws and regulations and monitoring of people on it. I praise anyone willing to foster and adopt these unfortunate children. I enjoy being a foster grandparent.

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